Methodology: How I Select, Test and Rank Products.

Picking and List Making Process:

Picking products. Unique-mag
Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

When researching on the best picks for my list, I start by first selecting models and products from some well-known and lesser-known manufacturers or mallsite in that particular category. 

Surveying these models to learn more about the lastest standard and innovation in that sector comes next. Basic features, standout aesthetics, consumer benefits and pricing for such a product are the determining factors during the survey process.

Not only that, I also go through consumer reviews and feedbacks on these products within and/or outside their sites to actually see if they are capable of fulfilling their claims and what other users and consumers have to say about the quality, satisfaction and usability of the item.

After that, I revisit my list, and pick out those items which I find are worth it, which I may want to personally own and use and am sure you will love to use too.

Note: While I may try to cover as many products and brands as possible, it's impossible to completely cover all the amazing stuffs this world has to offer.

So there you have it, the product picking process for my recommended picks.

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Uniquely yours,
Victor Love.