5+ Nigerian Traditional Beans Dishes that can Spark your Love for Beans.

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Beans, used to be my best then. Now? I guess not as much but I do love it nonetheless. I love my food. I really do. I don't play with them. Food is expensive at the moment so meal times are time for real business.

Beans have been something we had around us for years and who doesn't know it. Everyone does. It is that popular. Take a stroll around your vicinity you can get some good beans to buy for cooking. And mind there are lot of varieties that are special to certain locations.

Beans are easy to purchase and keep. Although it is prone to infestation from weevils and other agricultural pests, proper storage have to be considered to keep it in good shape throughout it's lifespan. The  sustained quality makes it easy to cook and make the meals more nourishing.

Beans are a good source of plantbased protein and other food nutrients we need in our system. And it really is a cheap source of quality protein to a lot of beans lovers, qho take their time out to appreciate it.

However, most people don't like beans and they have their legitimate reason not to. Some give indigestion, flatulence(gas) and bloating as their reasons. Whatever it is that affects them whenever they eat beans, I don't know. For me, trying out all beans recipes is on my to-do list. From today that is. I don't know about you.

Beans or whatever you call it in your local language, can be enjoyed in ways you may have never thought of before. You will be amazed by the numerous ways you can make beans fit for you. Beans delicacies are not limited to certain people or tribe, anyone can get down with it.

Nigerian Meals that are made with Beans

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So as you are up for it, join me as I take you through all the Nigerian meals particularly traditional or local ones that can be made with beans. Beans are like a basic requirement whenever you make these dishes. Without your beans you have not started.

Things you need for cooking beans.

  1. Picked Beans (dirt free beans either washed, grinded, or peeled and ready for cooking).
  2. Pressure Pot/cooker (necessary for fast cooking, can be the electrically powered or stove top type, and it saves a lot of time).
  3. Cooking Pot (to conclude the cooking after steaming the beans with the pressure pot).

Are you ready? Okay let's go.

The meals list will be divided into two categories

1. Regular Nigerian Beans Meals.

Coming to regular beans meals available in Nigeria, it often entails the varies ways of preparing beans for eating. It deals with the recipe steps and ingredients added during the cooking process. The beans really don't go through much processing before the cooking commences. 

Nigeria beans meals UniqueMag
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List of regular beans meals.

Fried Beans. The beans is cooked and fried with vegetable or Palm oil, almost like a combo of boiled beans in stew, made together as one. To me it is like the beans version of jollof rice.  See the Nigerian Fried Beans Recipe.

Oil Beans. Oil beans is prepared using the regular way, but with Palm oil in place of vegetable oil. This meal can really taste wonderful if you can perfect the art of cooking oil beans. Here is a another recipe for Nigerian Oil Beans.

Boiled Beans. Boiled beans is simply the steaming of beans just like you cook rice. You boil the beans till it becomes soft. This is best served with stew or sauce, anything thats up to you taste. The stew and beans combo can also be called ewa agoyin.

What to eat with beans and popular combos.

2. Traditional Nigerian Beans Meals.

Traditional beans meals are those special beans meals that had being the innovation of a certain Nigerian tribe. And although they have been birthed by certain ethnic groups, these meals are becoming popular throughout the country and even outside the borders of the nation.

Also these meals have a lot more steps than the others in part one. The beans go through processes like picking, washing/peeling, grinding and some other processes peculiar to the recipe itself.

List of Traditional Beans Meals.

Akara Balls. Who doesn't know the popular akara balls. Akara balls have been so popular thanks to their simplicity and versatility. It's a food/snack you can prepare in a variety of ways to showcase your expertise. If you can't prepare it at home you can easily get some by the roadside of virtually any major street in your location. This is best enjoyed with a bowl of hot pap or a soft bread. See akara recipe.

Moi-moi. This one is dangerously awesome. Like, this single meal is one versatile Nigerian dish that has been welcome far and wide. This meal comes in lots of varieties and it can really draw on the ingredients used for the preparation. Also it can come in a variety of shapes to keep you wanting more. See the Moimoi Recipe.

Gbegiri Soap. Gbegiri Soap is a soup of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. You prepare this soup with grinded beans. The beans paste or puree serve as the base for this lovely tasting soup. If you can you sure don't want to pass the opportunity of having a taste of this awesome meal. You can add this soup to your Ewedu soup and bring it down it with a wrap of well made Amala.

Round Up.

If you were looking for a new way to enjoy your bean, you can start here. There are enough beans recipes to make you remain a lover of beans for as long as possible, and thank God good bean is always available for purchase.

While there are legit reasons while you might have wanted to give beans a distance you shouldn't let some side effects restrict you from enjoying the awesomeness of beans (please disregard my words and follow doctor prescription as our situations are different). 

Notwithstanding, you can lots for cooking technique to reduce the effect of beans on your body system. You can read this article on reducing flatulence and other issues. It will get you started on managing and preventing beans related issues.

I guess it is at this time I will call it a day. See you soon in my next article.

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