Interesting Facts of Espresso Coffee.

Espresso coffee process

The term espresso brings back vivid memories of Italy, men in dimlit cafes, holding addicting cups of dark, well-brewed coffee to set the day running on a good note. There is no where in the world coffee is mentioned without the word espresso having an influence.

Espresso, originating from Italy, is one of the most popular ways of drinking coffee around the world. It is more popular as it is a base for most specialty coffee drinks coffee shops make.

The process of brewing this coffee drink is also called the espresso and it is done using an espresso machine that forces hot water under pressure through coffee grounds. The design for this machine was first patented in 1884.

This method is especially popular in the southern parts  of Europe like France, Spain and Portugal, where the coffee lovers there love strong and thick shots with real flavor to go with it. And moving from there, other countries like Australia and Croatia can also boost of their love for espresso shots.

The espresso coffee is one coffee loved for its versatility among others. The signature sign of a good espresso is its viscous state that can be likened to honey, having a foam with creamy feel on the surface called the crema. 

It stands out among other types of coffee brews not in flavor alone, a few other attributes make this brew unique. These are special to espresso brews and no other type.

  1. There are lots of dissolved and suspended solids and solvents that add flavor and benefits the health.
  2. The beautiful creamy foam layer you can call the crema. This part has something special about it.
  3. Lastly, the oil emulsion loaded with aromatic compounds, which is always present in a perfect product. 

And to add one more point to the long list of attributes of this drink, the espresso acts as a base for a lot of other coffee drinks. The macchiato, lungo and the popular americano will not be available today if not for the presence of an espresso, making the mixture possible.

As we progress I will discuss the espresso coffee under a few main points. The reason for that is so I can expel any doubts you might have on topics with facts involving the espresso, in a more simple way.

Interesting Facts of the Espresso.

As we continue, let's educate ourselves and up our knowledge on the facts  for the espresso coffee. A little bit of never known facts won't hurt, it's all so we can know where it all started and how it got here.

1. The Origin.

Espresso in all its entirety originated from Italy. Industrialization made it quite popular then and it travelled along with the Italians to other part of Africa and to the world.

2. Help of Tourism.

Tourism also played a role in publicizing this method of brewing coffee. As more people visited Italy, they learnt of a new mathod to brew coffee. A new method that gives an excellent product.

3. Resulting Popularity.

The espresso is popular round the globe both as itself and with it's varieties. While the original espresso is popular in Italy, the americano an espresso based drink is popular in America and Korea. In fact, espresso have been added to vodka to make the very popular espresso martini.

4. The Unique Process.

The espresso machine pulls espresso coffee by passing hot water under pressure through fine grounded coffee. The grinds must be fine and even though out that a pre requisite

The perfect brew duration is 25-30 secs with a temperature of 85- 90°c to give a really enjoyable coffee brew.

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5. Healthy and Flavorful Compounds.

Espresso coffee is loaded with lots of healthy compounds and in a concentrated form. There is no shortage of flavor that witt your appetite and those beautiful flavors are beneficial to your health.

6. Protein Present.

Espresso coffee got some proteins in it for you. For every shot of espresso coffee the protein content is 0.1 g. Very low but it's something.

7. Caffeine Loads.

In amount of caffeine, though not as high in caffeine like some other coffee, it has the highest caffeine per once due to how concentrated it is. The basic take is that the 30ml serving of espresso contains 64.5 milligrams of caffeine.

8. Best Path to a Good Cup.

The best way to make espresso coffee is by using an espresso machine. However, you can also make espresso coffee without a machine using the aeropress or the moka pot. The only factor there is that while looks of both results might be similar, everything else will be different.

9. The Roost of the Beans

You will normally hear people say that espresso is best made with dark roast coffee. That might be true to some extent, but you could also use a lighter roast for an espresso coffee. Doing that does not make you a coffee law breaker, you find what's best for you and stick with it.

10. The Crema.

The crema you see on the espresso coffee is unique to the espresso alone. No other brewing method can produce a crema in its cup of coffee. That alone is the reason most people prefer the espresso. The crema add a special feel and texture that makes espresso delightful.

11. Maintaining the Pleasure.

A normal cup of espresso usually begins to lose taste after 90 secs. So it will be more beneficial for you, if you could consume it immediately you pulled it. It's not like it's going to expire but the drop in taste will be noticeable.

12. The Household Espresso Machine Boom

Lastly, the popularity of espresso machines means only one thing, and that is that espresso coffee is becoming more popular. An espresso machine is the only ticket to well made espresso coffee.

Hope you enjoyed the facts on espresso coffee. Coffee has become more popular round the world with more people knowing what coffee really is. If you are interested in learning more about it, please do. You might actually enjoy your study time.

Thanks for your time.

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