Getting your Car's Interior Cleaned Up, Prepped and Convenient for Everyday Use.

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Car Upgrade and Car Interior Cleaning for a Luxury Car Interior.

Get that luxury car feel when you open your car. Here you will learn the basics to the maintenance and upgrade of your car's interior. And the changes you may setup in your car to make your daily commute in your car a delight.

A Luxury car interior can be created for a car no matter the brand or model. Are you surprised? don't be. It all depends on how much we really want to do this car customization, car interior cleaning and configurations.

Be it a used car or a brand new automobile there is always a space for customization and upgrades (as your will learn below). The good thing about these type of overhaul is that it makes your car's interior breathtaking and these car customization products and tips will give your car that uniqueness and special feel it deserves.

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A luxury car interior is like a motivational item, who doesn't love something like that. You know that moment when a friend or that crush of yours enters your car and all they could say wow and compliment just keep coming in. Who says you can't create your own luxury car interior share him this tips and if he is not convinced leave him be. 


So, the first thing is the cleaning and maintenance of the car's interiors to the best you can do. A dirty car is not pleasant to the eyes. Especially for car owners with children and pets maintaining the family ride can be an unpleasant activity. From stubborn stains and moss to trash dumped in the car, a car can go from clean and comfortable to untidy and smelly in no time.

So it is necessary to have a regular car cleaning schedule to maintain the pristine condition of your ride. Below are some tips for cleaning the car. 

General tips:

Emptying the car once in a while can get rid of most odors and dirt. Things like trash, gym clothes and equipments, car mats are to be removed regularly. Trash disposed, car mats and rugs  scrubbed and cup holders cleaned as often as possible. Dirt when accumulated in these forms can give out really offensive odours. 

With these tips your car can keep going between major washes and cleanings.

And for major detailing of your car's interior you do these:

•Windows and Windshield Cleaning.

Windows and Windshield cleaning can be a pain. So you make sure to clean it horizontally outside and vertically inside or vice versa. Using your soap and water mixed in a small spraying can spray, wipe, rinse and dry immediately  to not leave streaks on the glass.

Check out this microfiber cloth.

•Dashboard and Steering Wheel.

Here caution is key. Get a cleaning brush and brush off the dirt's on your board. Do not use a hard brush for this. 

Dip your cleaning cloth in your soap solution - you will mix a bit of soap in water and put in disinfectant. Drain the clothe of excess water and completely wipe the dashboard and steering wheel clean with it. 

Good job so far. See we are progressing.


•Car Seats and Centre Console.

The cars seats and centre console are to be thoroughly cleaned. The centre console will be cleaned using the brush, the soap mix (from that used on the dashboard) and the damp cloth.

No edge or corner should be overlooked. Complete wiping must take place.

For the car seat, we will use a stain remover wax and your car wiping clothe. Apply lightly and scrub until stains are removed and chair dry.

•Car Mats and Odours

As previously stated you are to scrub the mats well. Car mats are like the dirtiest thing in your car's interior so they must be properly cleaned and replaced when necessary.

When a car mat or rug is clean you deal with less odour issues. You can take it a step further by getting air fresheners or parfums for your car.

Shop highlighted:

Car air fresheners.

Car cleaning materials and equipments.

Car wipes.

Vacuum cleaners. 

So we are done with the cleaning aspect let's see what car customizations we are employing for that luxury look and 'wow' effect we want to achieve.

#2-Car Customizations and Configurations.

•Seat Covers. 

Nothing say cool more than a durable, stylish and premium seat cover. Your can get the leather seat cover or the general type.

When you want to take it a step further try out some heated seat covers. It could do you some good.

Also, you can get heated car blankets to protect against cold at night if peradventure you and your family are returning home late in the night and the weather is not friendly. When it gets really cold out there and your car lacks the heater, heated blankets are a handy items to have.

Car desks or Auto desks. 

Why do luxury car owner get to enjoy custom made car desks and others can't. Not fair we must enjoy these features also.

If our car manufacturer say it not necessary to include it we will put it ourselves. Having a car desk is a helpful addition. You have a surface to place your gadgets if you have to work while been away from home. 

You can also make it your lunch table at times when you are not free to go to a restaurant. You may want to enter a restaurant or cafe to get a table for your work but that's not necessary when you have your car desk with you.

•Car mats, Car Rugs or Car Carpets, whichever you call it.

Having good quality car mat  can really raise comfort in your car to the next level. Worn out car mats should be discarded and new ones bought to replace them. Get quality car mats that can match that custom look you're going for.

•Car mounts

Car mounts are a necessity for any car owner. You need something to hold your phone and device when driving and they also give your car a modern feel. You may want to use your phone for navigation, driving with one hand and operating the phone in the other. That is risky. 

So car mounts are vital, it helps to hold your mobile devices from being thrown about when you are on a rough road. You place  your phone in it then you can navigate, receive calls etc while on the move.

Wireless car charger.

Car led lights. 

Nothing says comfort in your car as having a handpicked lighting to match your preferences. You get to choose what you like and what matches your car interior set up

Car customization extras:

Shop highlighted:

Wireless backing camera.

Car coolers.

Check out my article on portable car refrigerators.

Center console organizers.

Sun Shade to keep out the sun's ray

Trash bags to collect trash for disposal.

There you have it. Enough information you need to get down to creating you ideal car interior that is unique to your taste.

So let me know about your thoughts for my guide to Car Customizations, Car Interior Cleaning and Configurations in the comment section below. Have you done any of these customizations let me know in the comments. Bye for now.

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