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Taking care and maintaining your hair is a very important aspect of your appearance and that is even more so for people with afro hair. There is a lot going on about the difficulty in keeping afros in shape, but I don't think that is supposed to be.

Because, just like with everyother thing, when there is a clear process that is both tested and proven, then the chances of success are very high.

So today I have taken some time to searched for some proven techniques that are known to make the maintenance of your afro hair very easy. They are not what you have to spend hours on, one or two repeated stuff and you can handle your afro and keep it in good shape.

Not just that, I will also be giving to you some really cool hairstyles to try out (look out for this to be available shortly) as you begin to grow your afro hair. Enough of the single haircut many of you have been sporting since ‘I don't know', I guess it's time to mix things up a bit.

How to maintain your Afro Hair.


I guess there is nothing you want to maintain that does not need water. Please if there is, can you tell me?. Maintaining your locks needs water. Simple.

Washing, combing, brushing and all other processes needs water. Mind you when I say water it does not always mean applying water directly to the hair. Drinking the required amount of water daily helps you in regulating your body functions and processes and preserving your hair is no different.

Having a wash day routine.

This one is a bit tricky. There are some hairstyles that can be easily washed and restyled without revisiting the hair salon and there are others you can't wash even when you are bathing.

So you have to know when and how you wash your hair. If you can wash and reset anytime, good for you but if not, try as much as possible to wash your hair before any new cut and style so as to maintain freshness in your scalp.

For those among you who can wash their hair daily, I want to say this that I hope you don't wash your hair everyday with other things aside water. You shouldn't wash you hair with shampoo more than 1-3x in two weeks,because due to the composition it might cause dryness and irritation which is not good for your hair.

Use Sulphate-free Hair Products.

Under this section I came across something nice. Due to the effect of SLS on the hair, it becomes necessary that we avoid the use of hair shampoos with sulphate in the mix, or we use shampoo without sulphate on a regular basis to mitigate these risks.

As sulfate free shampoo might be more expensive than the regular, or if or whatever reason you couldn't get one, someone gave me two suggestions: use a local black soap or make your own sulphate free shampoo. The choice is yours.

Condition your Hair.

Conditioning your hair is another essential aspect of caring for you afro locks. The benefits of conditioning are numerous, talk of making your hair smooth, soft, moisturizer ready etc to name a few will tell you the importance of hair conditioning.

To add to that is a concept with you can try out it is call co-washing. Co-washing is hair washing process that do away with the need for shampoo, it is important for those who suffer from extreme dry hair whenever they use shampoos. 

So in place of shampoo a cleansing condition is used, making the hair more manageable. There is easy removal of dirt and your hair better maintains it's natural oils.

Deep Conditioning your Hair.

Aside from co-washing, there is another technique called deep conditioning. Deep conditioning is almost like the regular conditioning but, with a twist; it improves the protein balance of your hair. 

Besides properly balancing the nutrients in your hair, it also improves the feel and the appearance of your hair which is something we all want. The normal conditioning is nice but if you want to take it a step further then try the deep conditioning. 

To make a deep conditioner, you could get any of these; honey, Shea butter or any other natural oil you can get and mix it in you regular conditioner and you are set.

Wash Thoroughly.

This goes without saying but I think if you want to do something you should do it very well. When all things are in place and you want to wash your hair you should wash as thoroughly as possible. If you can you should visit a salon to get it done.

Make sure you really massage the washing solution into your hair down to the scalp. The scalp is an important part of your hair health and making sure it is clean is necessary for proper hair growth. 

So whenever you wash take your time to ensure a complete clean of the hair and the scalp and all. When the scalp is healthy there is more blood and nutrient flow and with that comes more growth and healthy hair.

Moisturize Your Hair.

After washing and conditioning, there are a lot of things that are important for properly maintaining that nice hair you just made and moisturizing is one of them. 

You shouldn't expect your hair to be like the day you washed and conditioned it. We go out, go to places, work and do a lot of things but to make sure you hair is in good condition (at least) till the next wash day, use, no get and use a good moisturizer.

Making your hair shiny, breakage free, have a better and stronger feel, smooth and properly oiled are some of the benefits that come with a good moisturizer, so you need one.

Protect your Hair.

If you can do all that has been said I think this shouldn't be the more difficult one. You should protect your hair. 

We often tend to neglect the little things that matters, things like these however, should not be neglected. Get a hat or a scarf with you always to keep your hair for too much heat and cold where applicable.

And again make sure those scarf and caps are clean before you use them don't add more issues when trying to solve one.

No Superabsorbant Pillowcase.

When it's sleeping time, some hair tips say you shouldn't sleep with a pillowcase that absorbs moisture especially cotton types. They advice we should opt for silk or satin cases to maintain the moisture you have spent time to build up there.

So to keep your afro in best condition, I think its time to put aside all the cotton cases for a change in routine.

Get Regular Trims and Dustings.

Science has made us to understand that as your hair grows, there comes a time where it begins to develop split ends and these split ends are known to delay and affect hair growth and quality in general, so what do we do?

Always try to trim your hair regularly. Like once in every two weeks is a good way to start and no less than once a month. These trimmings help your hair to maintain it's shape and beauty for a long time.

For those who want to continue growing their hair then you can use dusting. It's a very little trimming style that handles split ends really well. 

For dusting, there is no fear of reduction in length only the tips are taken care of so your hair can grow more smoothly and healthily.

Don't Blow-dry, alAir-dry instead.

You know blow-drying uses heat to remove excessive moisture from your hair but that heat is a major issue for afro hair. So therefore as much as possible try to air dry your locks. It far better and healthier for your hair type.

Oil your hair or use hair creams regularly.

Since you can't wash everyday, besides bathing then you should make it an habit to use hair oils or creams daily to maintain your hair in top shape. This should be part of you daily hair care routine.

Oils ensure there is moisture in your hair and preserves any existing moisture there for as long as possible. The oil should be properly applied on the hair down to the scalp, everypart must be touched.

So getting a good and easily absorbent oil is very important. Natural oils like coconut oil, avocado and olive oils can be use for real results. If not you can get a good hair oil from the brand you love and use it.

Comb and Brush Regularly and Properly.

How do you comb and brush properly, is that you should never comb or brush your hair when it is dry. Like don't do that its quite painful and not convenient at all. And the results are not worth the effort.

In my own way I think the best time to comb or brush your hair is after you are done bathing or when you have applied oil to your hair immediately after that combing, brushing and styling become easier.

Mind you hair breakage happens during detangling and brushing, so make sure you use a wide tooth comb that is properly spaced and move gently and smoothly. For brush use natural bristle brushes with less friction to efficiently undo knots in the hair.

Let it rest.

I think no matter how we want to keep our hair in good shape there should be times we just decide not to condition and shampoo our hair. No styling for now, just the regular water washing, oiling and combing. 

What I mean is that your hair still need to take a break every once in a while so there should be proper air flow. Style it as it is for once, the world won't collapse because of that.

Use Protective Styles.

Continuing from the previous point when it's time to give you hair some break, it does not mean there are no cool styles to show off during that period.

During this resting period you should opt for these styles as they are very low maintenance and easy to fix. Cornrows, twists, Bantu knots and braids are a few of the protective hairstyle to do.

You can also try out a low fade or your natural afro style every once in a while. it's your call.

Eat Well.

If you don't eat well then, am sure all hair treatment and routine in this world will not help you maintain a brilliant lock. Eating well cuts across all the areas of human beauty from body structure to skin to face and everything in-between.

Taking a proper meal cannot be over emphasized. Make sure meals are healthy and are properly balanced in terms of nutrients. Do it because your being depends on it.

Sleep Well.

Sleep is something we all should do to grow and live a satisfied life. It helps us in lots of ways, which has a lot of direct effect on our quality of life and bodily health. So sleep well.

A quality sleep helps us because it makes it so our system can properly repair and maintain our body and organs and put it in the best shape it needs to be for the next day of life 

A good way to start is 6-8 hrs every night, and if you can't then 4-6 hrs with a 1-2 hours within the day will be a good plan. 

Maintaining Good Health.

I know I have said alot on diet and rest, but this article will not be complete without adding these. When it comes to living a healthy life not just for hair but for the whole body in general, it is important to keep unhealthy habits to the minimum and if possible do away with them completely.

Aside from that, below are some tips to use for when you want to maintain excellent health.

  • Develop the habit of regular physical exercise. It is important and recommended for both body health and hair health
  • Treat hair and scalp infection as quickly as you can. Don't let it fester, tackle them immediately they come up.
  • Use hair products with the proper nutrients and components. Make sure that the side effects are not detrimental to your health and well-being.
  • Try natural homemade hair cream and products using fruits and vegetables. I will really love to write an article on something like that when I am free. It will really help you so please keep your eyes pealed and expect it soon.
  • Lastly, treat yourself. I mean your body health, not just your hair or scalp. When you are unwell, your whole body is unwell, so try to get proper treatment in record time.

And with that I think I have come to the end of this piece and here is my word on hair tips for afro hairtypes. Lots of information are contained in here, so please endeavor to use them all for your benefit. They are for you.

Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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