The MH2 Supercar; Matador's Hydrogen Vision of the Future.

Matador MH2 Supercar - Unique-mag.

I was going through the internet the other day, YouTube to be precise then I stumbled upon something I can only describe as cool and attention worthy; The Matador MH2. My first look at this car was all it took and I was like 'WOW! I think I like this car'.

Diving in-depth along with supercarblondie, I began to know how this concept came about. The thoughts that were rolling in the heads of the team members that brought up such a design at a time when the world is in dire need of it. With all the talks of global warming and depleting mineral reserves, this is very much a welcomed concept.

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Here's the link to the video on YouTube

Matador: A Brief History.

Matador MH2 Supercar - Unique-mag

Matador is a Slovakian company specialized in the production and development of automobile tires and they have been around since 1905. So this is not just any company, it's a company with lots of experience in the auto industry.

They are known for being a quality focused company in the realm of tyre making and development, with a lot of products that covers a wide range of utility. Of course for a company to stay in service on a continental scale for over a 100 years, that's not a piece of cake.

In 2007, Matador became one of the companies under Continental AG - a motor parts company, and that's where it all began. That single union introduced this company to various aspects of car design and parts manufacturing, with the associated technology, innovation and expertise that came with it.

So after all they've been through, the design team at Matador decided to test and display their hand and expertise in design with the mH2.

Matador's mH2; the Concept.

Matador MH2 Supercar body view - Unique-mag

How it came to be.

The mH2 was born from the coming together and brainstorming of Matador and the Slovak University - TUKE (Technical University of Kosice). This was their idea of what a supercar of the future should strive towards. Powerful and green.

What I see here is that this concept was not just for publicity (hopefully not because if it is, that aim has been achieved with the level of attention it got at the Dubai expo), it actually bears the vision of what tomorrow cars will look like - no emissions, clean power etc. Showing us that we are there. Almost.

Although the use of hydrogen for cars have been under research and development for more than two decades now, this is one car concept that completely revolutionize this hydrogen idea; it's basically on another level.

We've not seen it in this fashion before.

So should we be expecting the mH2 soon? That question might be a bit hard to answer because according to what we have seen, the mH2 in not a fully functional prototype, yet there is no doubt that all the technologies used in the creation of this beast makes it very clear that we will soon see this car in testing and action soon. Why? Because all the technologies employed are all reliably working techs at this current time.

Matador mH2; the Theme, Design and Facts...

the Theme of the mH2.

The mH2 being a supercar concept, was envisaged to be an athlete and I mean what supercar shouldn't. All the body parts were built for speed and efficiency in utilizing the power delivered from its hydrogen engine.

It was narrowed at the centre and forward leaning ready to jump into action at a moment's notice. The car was so close to the ground and so aerodynamic that it simply don't have any option than to be quick and lean and mean and clean.

the Design of Matador mH2.

The Matador mH2 to me is really beautiful. I give it that compliment because I really love this design and the hydrogen thing it's uses because I myself have been thinking and researching on hydrogen fuel cells for a long time now. I like renewable energy.

Engine of the mH2.

Matador MH2 Supercar - engine - Unique-mag

You may ask what are hydrogen engines?. Hydrogen engines are simply engines that use hydrogen for fuel. These engines or fuel cells, make use of hydrogen and oxygen to produce electrical energy which is supplied to the electric motors that drives the car. 

It is quite similar to electric vehicles but without the need for large batteries as the fuel cell produces the electricity in pace of the battery but gives out water from the reaction of the hydrogen and oxygen. And You don't have to stop for charging at all.

I really don't know how theirs work but I think it should work the same way as other hydrogen fuel cells. The only thing I know is that, according to them the engine design makes it far more efficient to safely store hydrogen in enough quantities for longer trips between refills and very efficient in power delivery.

Body and Frame of the mH2.

The mH2 was designed using the regular rear-engine placement employed in most supercars. All you need as concerning the engine is at the back and Matador claims that you could easily fill up the mH2 hydrogen tank with the same time you will use to fill up a regular car's.

Matador MH2 Supercar body and frame - Unique-mag

With a lot promised in terms of power, efficiency and performance, I think you no doubt see that it was something made to deliver on it's promises. 

Starting from the front, the aerodynamic design of this concept car really stayed true the the sprinter image as desired by the team. The windshield covers all the way from the top of the car to the top of the front bumper. When you drive all you see is the full frontal view of the road.

Coming to the mid point, the car body narrows down in width against the front and back, making it more performance focused. It has a normal two-door frame with two seats for the two people who will ride in it.

Wait, did you see the side mirrors? I saw them and these mirror are not your regular kind. For Max impact, Matador decided to use cameras for both sides instead of mirrors. I wonder why though. They really have everything sorted out.

Matador MH2 Supercar side mirror - Unique-mag

Looking at the back, you could see the rear lightings of crystals that are in themselves beautiful and not just that, they utilize a special design technology that I won't talk about right now. 

Not just the lights alone, the body lines are fascinating in their own right. The way it travels through the body of the car, I just love the flow of it.

That aside, there is the bumper design at the back of the car, it was constructed in a way that you could see the tires from behind. Such a cool detail that you couldn't miss with a futuristic car. And all of this just shows their attention to details during the design process.

I won't say much about the tires, you know why? A company like Matador, who themselves are gurus in tire making, designing and development know better than most what tire a car with vision should ride on. If not they have failed me.

Interior of the mH2.

The mH2 simply refused to fail us in interior design and decor. What you see inside is in my word and the words of people who have seen it; unique, rich, sleek and elegant.

Matador MH2 Supercar interior - Unique-mag

The color themes and combinations, the comfortable chairs and central consoles make it so cool that I like to look at it again and again. Everything is so well designed and in the right place.

The driver position has the steering wheel with two buttons; boost and mode, a single screen in the place where fuel gauges and speedometer used to be and a cool sporty looking driver seat.

Matador MH2 Supercar centre console - Unique-mag

Talking of the the central console, I leave you with the words straight from their mouth:

Fluid Infotainment. Extreme dynamic range touchscreens of the MH2 boasts 834 x 2388 resolution, a total of 3.98 megapixels. This is all to display and delivers true-to-life detail with a  1000000 : 1 contrast ratio, great for viewing while driving, considering the screen is mounted in the center of the dash and the viewing distance is as close as it would be if you were using a handheld iPad. Colors are ultimate vibrant, and the system responds at high frame rates, and more.


the Facts by Matador.

When it all comes down to it, the mH2 is still a concept car and I have not seen any public testing, however the company released some figures to show that they seem to know what their baby is capable of.

Here are the mH2 specs.

Matador mH2 Top speed: 250 km/h.

Matador mH2 Horse power: 600 HP.

Matador mH2 0-100 km/h: 3.9 sec.

Matador mH2 Emission: ZERO.

Matador mH2 Range: n/a.

Matador mH2 Price: n/a. (No pricing as at now).


While I roundup this article hoping we get to see this beautiful car in action soon, Matador didn't leave us in suspense and I like that. They gave us something to hold onto till we get to test drive the real life mH2.

Matador MH2 Supercar PC demo - Unique-mag

That little something is the Matador mH2 game demo. Here's what they said about that:

Drive the MH2 Supercar yourself! Fee l the power and enjoy the beauty of the hydrogen supercar at the virtual track tailored for the occasion. Admire the rocky island while trying to beat your best track time. Or hop behind the wheel of our original buggy and explore the sandy surroundings! 

Visit to download the game -

Finally I close this chapter in my own words: Really beautiful to the core lies our hope for the future. 

Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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