The 14 Best Budget True Wireless In-ear Earbuds for Students Who Love Their Sound Cool And Stimulating.

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What's the best thing to own as a music loving student? I think a storage space filled with lots of cool music, the type that gets you dancing and/or happy before you know it. The next best thing is a true wireless earbud with excellent and quality sound rendation to make the music time really cool and enjoyable.

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Music is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. From the office worker, the artisan to the student there is no segregation when it comes to music listening rights. Of course you know that music is one of the few good things in this world that bring people together.

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Aside from listening to music; short videos, radio and gaming are some of the things students enjoy, making tws earbuds very important for college students. Other uses spreads across fitness, online classes, calls and communication etc. 

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So in this article I will be addressing TWS or true wireless in-ear earbuds most especially for students (anyone is welcome to see the list). Why they need it, when they can use it, how to maintain it and things they should look out for when they plan to buy a true wireless earbud.

But before we move on, I want to state that any tws/true wireless earbuds needs a device that has the Bluetooth functionality for it to be useful. Aside from that there is pretty much nothing you can do with it.

However, if you need something that you can use both with or without audio cables and with or without wireless or Bluetooth connectivity, I suggest you read - The best wireless headphones with cable connectivity.

Table Of Contents.

1. Why students need True Wireless Earbuds.
2. 14 Best In-ear Wireless Earbuds for Students.
3. How to Maintain a TWS Earbuds.
4. Buying Guide for TWS Earbuds.
5. FAQ's

Why Students need True Wireless Earbuds And How They can use it.

As a student myself, I know those times when I just want to complete some task but my mind is completely disorganized and not composed. Do you know what I do? Put on the music or short video for some minutes and then I can concentrate because I have entered the right state of mind.

I am sure am not the only one who go through times like these. Even for paper and physical work, I  have found that when the music we love in on, we tend to do things with else and a kind of joy that influences us so we won't even feel the stress associated with that activity.

Here are some of the uses and purpose of true wireless in-ear earbuds for students.

  • True wireless earbuds are lightweight and small in size making them eazy to take along with you. There is no cable or bulk that can contend for space in your bag.
  • Since they are easy to carry with you, you get to enjoy your music anytime of the day. If you feel bored or you want to listen to any music, audio books, radio or video, all you need to do is connect and play. No noise to interfere with it.
  • They serve as important assets for online classes. Earbuds have inbuilt mics and sound systems that make it easy for you to communicate and get the best during your online classes.
  • For the fitness loving student, tws earbuds are a very portable fitness accessory to own. They have good battery life, hold more firmly in your ears and don't easily fall off no matter the movement. 
  • Some of them do have waterproof and sweatproof features which make them far more better than other fitness headphones.
  • Very easy for answering calls, when you don't want to disturb your lecturer and your colleagues with the ring of your phone during lecture time. The earbud is fixed in your ears so you can take and receive calls without any  personknowing.
  • I love games. Especially online games and action games. And for game loving students nothing more enjoyable than immersing themselves into the world of their favorite games. And what better channel is there than a clear and realistic sounding earbuds, please tell me.

Note: Please make sure to thoroughly check the description page of each product before you click 'add to cart'.

Best 14 True Wireless Earbuds for Students.

Blitzwolf ® BW-FLB3 Gaming Wireless Earbud.

Best earbuds for students Blitzwolf ® BW-FLB3 Gaming Wireless Earbud - Unique-mag.

The first on this list is the BlitzWolf BW-FLB3 with a very unique design that you don't get to see everyday. This Earbud incorporates special additions which come together to create that unique design.

Features and Benefits.

  1. When most earbuds have an inbuilt mic, the BW-FLB3 took a different route by creating a completely detachable HD microphone. Which although it has two earbuds the mic is only available and attached to one ear.
  2. For speaker driver, it houses a 13mm large dynamic driver that is built for quality wide surround sound and detailed audio. Although a few users complained about the audio quality but for a price as small as under 20$, most buyers really appreciate it.
  3. It is available only in black color. So you will not be able to buy in your favorite color if that is not black.
  4. It sports a futuristic design paired with a dazzling RPG light which really beautifies it. The earbuds are nicely molded to be comfortable and firm when it's in your ears. And not just that it comes with 3 sizes of ear tips for any ear size.
  5. It uses the Bluetooth 5.0v matched with the low latency feature available in gaming mode to present a very synchronized gaming experience for gamers.
  6. However, it lacks for battery life as each earbud can only last for close to 5hrs after a full charge of 1.5 hrs with a 2x charge from the charging box.

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Redmi Airdots 3 Earbuds.

Best In-ear earbuds Redmi Airdots 3 - unique-mag

When you're are looking for an In-ear earbud with fairly advanced features and quality design then you can make a stop for the Redmi Airdots 3. To add to it's ergonomic design, it is available in three different colors: pink, blue and white. 

Features and Benefits.

  1. It makes use of the 5.2v Bluetooth, known to operate at a more smooth level for voice transmission and low latency. Low power consumption and instant connection. It has an infrared sensor for detecting if the earbud is in the ear or not for playing or pausing the music respectively.
  2. An earbud can be used for close to 7hrs on a single charge. And you can charge it with the charging box for 3-4 times.
  3. This earbud sports the dual hybrid driver system: a dynamic unit and a balance armature unit for each earbud. Balance armature unit are known to give good treble and bass details and deliver a very complete sound.
  4. And not just that, there is the HD Apt adaptive audio decoding which together with the speaker renders HD audio and sound for your listening pleasures. The company calls it ' CD level sound quality'.
  5. This earbud is comfortable and convenient for both wearing and controls. The structure matches ear curves and it comes with 3 sizes of ear tips that fit a wide range of canal sizes. Controls are simple to use based on the touch function it operates on - a simple tap is all you need.
  6. Among the long list of features is the availability of ai assistant saving the need to use your fingers. Water resistance is rated at IPX4 as the regular. It is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices. Tablets, mobile phones etc. 
  7. However this wonderful piece lacks the bilateral functionality. So two people can't make use of it at the same time.

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Redmi Buds 3 Youth edition 3.

Redmi buds 3 youth edition best student In-ear earbuds - unique-mag.

The cat ear themed earbuds is one version made specially with the youths in mind. The Redmi buds 3 Youth edition packs some really cool stuff both in physical appearance and specifications wise. 

Features and Benefits.

  1. This earbud model has a HD speaker unit per earbud with apprecable sound quality.
  2. It uses the Bluetooth 5.2 like the Airdots 3 above. This helps to enable fast pairing, smooth voice transmission, stable connection and low consumption of battery.
  3. A fully charged box and earbud can last  for 17 hrs of continuous use. Each single earbud can be use for 5 hrs before recharging it again. The charging port is a Type-C.
  4. In overall build, this youth edition has really soft body construction. It is lighter and smaller than some other earbud model and water resistance is rated at IPX5.
  5. HD mics are available. The mics are paired with a noise reduction technology that excels at filtering out environmental noises and reducing external interference for clear communication.

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Elephone Elepods S Earbud.

Elepods S best earphones for students - unique-mag.

Here comes an unpopular and really low priced earbud option that can be a solid choice for when there is no plenty of cash. The Elepods S though comfortable lacks the kind of audio quality that comes with some other brands on this list.

Features and Benefits.

  1. Excellent design and fit thanks to the small size and light weight of 4.1g. It is comfortable for long use and holds firmly in your ears.
  2. There is the Bluetooth 5.0 that offers stable connection and audio transmission, but a more average low latency for gaming (user verdict).
  3. It has a mic included in the design. The mic promises noise cancelling for clear call and interaction. But, that comes at the price of sound volume transmission as the mic is ok for most and weak for others.
  4. Easy controls via a touch pad on the exterior. It can handle lots of functions with not much stress. And there is no difference between main and sub units or buds.
  5. It has a more average sound quality. The earbuds can last up to 5 hrs after full charge and it is rated IPx5 for water resistance.

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Lenovo HT18 In-ear Earbud.

Lenovo HT18 best budget earbud for students- unique-mag.

Looking for a more popular and low priced piece, the Lenovo HT18 is here for you. It matches a excellent build and sound with a power packed box having enough capacity of up to 1000mah capable of charging your earbuds repeatedly after use.

Features and Benefits.

  1. Big battery capacity for long time use. You can charge and use as many time as you want. So you get like an all day power support. Excellent for outdoors and travels.
  2. Molded to match the ear. It is really comfortable for long periods of use. It has 2 sizes of ear tips so you can fit the size that matches your ears.
  3. The Bluetooth 5.0 help to stabilize the connection and enables smooth linking. There is a mic for making calls with an added noise reduction for making the calls clear and free from environmental noises.
  4. Easy to operate with the light touch on the exterior. For calls, music control all you need is a single tap.

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QCY T17 TWS Earbuds.

QCY t17 youth edition earbuds. Best student wireless In-ear earbuds- Unique-Mag

Also known as the T17 youth edition, this earphone from QCY has a lot to offer. It is compatible with both Android and iOS, has a long battery life and it is both convenient and well molded to fit your ears for longer use.

Features and Benefits.

  1. The battery is known to last for 4.5 hrs for calls and 7hrs for music (based in use and condition) for a single full charge. With the box as a backup power, it can last for upwards of 25hrs.
  2. For the body, it has a soft ear wing for each earbud which helps it to hold firmly in your ears and reduce pains if you wear for a long time.
  3. It has an easy touch control for major functions. There is the voice assistant for Siri, Alexa or Xiao AI. So you can do a lot of things with just you voice, no need for buttons.
  4. It has a mic paired with enc noise cancelling for clearer calls. The quality of the audio is good enough for it's level thanks to the efficient Bluetooth 5.1 that has low latency making it also good for smooth voice transmission and mobile gaming.

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Anker Soundcore Liberty Pro. A3909.

Anker soundcore best Budget In-ear earbuds for students - unique-mag.

The Anker Soundcore A3909 is one of the more at the top budget earphone. This in-ear wireless earphone is one nice item to own and use when you need something that feels and works like a premium earphone. Aside from the quality audio and all day battery life, it has some excellent qualities added to the package.

Features and Benefits.

  1. It has what the company calls the Astria coaxial acoustic architecture that includes a dual driver system comprising of a balance armature unit and a dynamic unit per bud.
  2. It sound rendation is really good. And not just that, you get to set a custom sound profile you want for you sound using the HearID. There is complete Eq control with up to 22 present profiles.
  3. It is compatible with both the Type-C charging and the qi-wireless charging. Each earbud can last up to 8 hrs for a single use which can be refueled for two more times using the box, equalling 32 hrs per full charge.
  4. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The earbuds is rated at IPX4 however, you should know they armature driver unit is sensitive to water so it is more better in dry environment.
  5. Lastly you get a lot of ear tips and wings to chose from. So you can create a completely custom fit for your ears.

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BlitzWolf ® FYE-7 In-ear Earbuds.

Beat In-ear earbuds BlitzWolf ® FYE-7 In-ear Earbuds - unique-mag

Another BlitzWolf you can rely on is the BW-FYE 7 earbud. It's a bilateral earbud with nice bass depths which you get to enjoy either with a single bud or with both. It employs two dynamic drivers and a mic for each earbud.

Features and Benefits.

  1. The double 6mm dynamic speaker drivers are excellent sources of clear and detailed sounds that is laced with heavy bass notes. It handles low frequencies very well.
  2. It comes in a very well formed shape that is attractive and quite comfortable for the ears. Fits firmly and won't fall off easily.
  3. It very easy to use. It has auto connectivity immediately it is brought out for use and it disconnects when you keep it back. Bluetooth is 5.0v. 
  4. It is compatible with both Android, iOS and most OS. So long as the devices has Bluetooth it can connect with it. It has the binaural capability. That means you can pair each earbud separate from the other.
  5. The major issue with this earbud is the lack of a lasting battery which barely last for up to 5hrs after full charge and the inability the operate without a phone. You can't pick call, play or pause using the earbud.

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iWALK Crazy TWS Gaming Earbud.

Best student earbuds. I WALK Crazy earbud - unique-mag.

If you are looking for something that is not expensive but special then this is one of the earbud you should consider. This iWALK crazy bud is one nice choice for game lovers. Made in chrome, this earbud is not just attractive, it has the features and functionality to back up the style.

Features and Benefits.

  1. In one word, stylish. You can't overlook that aspect of this earbud. The chrome, the shiny finish and the nicely placed blue led light just place this stuff in a beauty league of it's own.
  2. Up to 3 sizes of ear tips are available for different sizes of ear canals. With the right size, you can trust this earbud to hold firmly and be convenient and comfortable during use.
  3. It is rated IPX5 for water resistance, so some sweat and little water are no problem. 
  4. To further heighten your gaming experience, this ear has a noise cancelling for the mic. So your in game communication can be free from unnecessary noise and interference.
  5. Since it is purpose-built for gamers, it has very low latency for that reason. So you won't have to worry about too much lag and delay. It operates with Bluetooth 5.0.
  6. Also the earbud has what the company calls '7.1 surround stereo sound'. It is a kind of set up that try to create a platform for detecting source/location of sound in mobile gaming. So you can locate your enemy by sound and detect sneak movement.

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Blackview Airbuds 1 Earbud

Best earbuds for students Blackview airbuds 1 unique-mag

Your ticket to a full and rich sound. The Blackview Airbud 1 is a good quality budget earphone with features they perform well for that price point. It easy to use, very responsive to touch and tap, has a good battery life and support voice assistant for hands free use.

Features and Benefits.

  1. The battery is rated to last for 20 hrs of use including the fully charged earbud and the fully charge box. You can also charge and use each separately as both can function as main or sub unit.
  2. It has very fast, stable and smooth connection since if functions using the 5.0v Bluetooth tech. As an added benefit, there is a low latency feature for mobile gamers so the image and audio will be in sync.
  3. The earbud is lightweight, perfectly sized and holds firmly in your ears. Two sizes of ear tips are available for you to pick the size that matches your ear canals.
  4. As I stated earlier, operation and control is very eazy and straight forward with just a few taps and touches. For hands free use the ai assistant is you next option.
  5. It has a mic which is paired with a DSP noise reduction chip to enable clear calls and voice transmission. The noise reduction help to increase the audio quality of the buds on a smaller scale.

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Fiil T1 Lite Earbuds.

Best student earbuds Fiil t1 lite unique-mag.

Another phenomenal earphone for a top budget price point. The fiil t1 lite is a real steal among the small group of earphone, that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere for this price point. Talk about design comfort and fit, level of incorporated technology and ease of use, this earbud was made to excel at on all levels.

Features and Benefits.

  1. First there is the smooth, fast and stable connection made possible as the system uses the lastest 5.2v Bluetooth and pairs it with the Fiil antenna adjustment technology.
  2. There is touch sensitive exterior for eazy touch and taps. However, you won't find the ai assistant functionality here as it is not available.
  3. For sound, the Fiil is known to deliver from all angles. Highs, mids and lows, it has you covered. The sound is clear, very detailed, impressive and properly balanced for instrumentals and voice.
  4. It carries a load of a battery. The battery has a capacity to take for the whole day and more. Each earbud can continue working for 6-7hrs straight. And you can alternate the charging as well.
  5. Lastly, on the matters of waterproof rating, this guy is a beast at IPX7. It can handle water, light immersion and pressure. So you may want to take it swimming if you like.

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Anomoibuds QCC010 Earbuds.

Best student earbuds anomoibuds QCC010 unique-mag

In one word this is a battery champion of this list. This Anomoibuds QCC010 easily comes out on top because it sports a charging case of 1000mah (two are on this list). With this, what you get is an earbud that can last for close to 3 days without the need of charge.

Features and Benefits.

  1. The star feature of this bud is the battery capacity. It's hard to come by especially at the price of under $50. But it's a different story with this product. Each earbud last for 7-8 hrs on a single charge.
  2. Wireless charging, another feature you hardly get to see for this price point. You can both charge with a cord or you use your wireless charge, it's your choice.
  3. Independent and dual connectivity. You can connect any earbud of your choice and keep the other to be charged. It automatically switches for single to dual use and back.
  4. Waterproof rating is IPX5. So you don't have to worry during your workouts or when you are outside. Also on the issue of movement, it hold both firmly and conveniently whether you are exercising of just moving.
  5. This earbud makes use of buttons instead of touch sensitive controls, so there are not a lot of commands doable with just two buttons. However, there is the added voice assistant feature.
  6. Mics are available for both calls and gaming. According to some, the mic is more better for indoor calls than outdoors.
  7. Lastly, the manufacturer made it eazy for you to know the remaining amount of power at any moment with the 4 dot light on the charging case indicating battery percentage.

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LEMFO LEMD Smart Watch With Earbuds.

Best student earbuds lemfo lemd smart watch unique-mag

The LEMFO LEMD is a unique one which I added to this because of its unique design and build. The charging box was discarded in favour of a smart watch that has a slot for storing the earbud. So you get a 2in1 package which you can monitor your health with while listening to the cool beats of life.

Features and Benefits.

  1. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Though you have to set the app for you to be able to use it satisfactorily.
  2. This is an excellent choice for those who are active - fitness lovers and adventurers, interested in monitoring their health as they listen to their best beats. When not in use the earbuds fit and stay firm in the smart watch. 
  3. It operates using Bluetooth 5.0v. The smartwatch can be set to quite a lot of languages from round the globe. Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Swedish and lots more.
  4. The speakers make use of quality dynamic driver units to render excellent surround sound, adding life and depth to your tunes.
  5. It has a mic but lack active sound cancelling. You can make use of touch sensitive exterior or you can go completely handsfree with Siri and Google voice assistant.

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Blitzwolf ® BW-FYE 13 Earbuds.

Best student wireless In-ear earbuds - BlitzWolf bw-flb3 - unique-mag.

To end my list, I bring to you again another excellent Earbud from BlitzWolf - the dual dynamic BW-FYE 13. With a long list of wanted abilities included in this system, you are sure to enjoy it to your fullest. Of course, more than 2000 persons can't be wrong with this well designed earphones.

Features and Benefits.

  1. It delivers clean and clear sound and audio from its  6.1mm dynamic driver speaker system, easily making it one of the best in terms of sound quality and clear audio resolution.
  2. It's HD mic design includes the CVC call noise reduction that helps for crystal clear call in noisy environment and smooth microphone use.
  3. It operates and connect using the Bluetooth 5.2v that gives smooth connectivity, stable connection, very low drag and smooth voice transmission. 
  4. There is voice assistant function available on this model, so you can make calls, send messages, check your time and answer calls all without pressing a button. Use is easy with the touch sensitive body for basic functions and operation.
  5. Talking about sweat and water resistance, this earphone is rated IPX5, so you can trust it to handle sweat and dirt for your fitness sessions. It has good grip and firmness, sudden movements are no problems at all.

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How to Maintain a TWS In-ear Earbuds.

I will list a rundown of the things to do when making sure your Bluetooth earbuds last for quite the time it is supposed to. You can read more about - how to maintain headphones in general.

  • Make sure you don't immerse them in water for too long. Some may be waterproof or water-resistant but to a certain extent. Do not take it swimming or diving when it is not made to handle such water pressure and dirt.
  • Make sure the ear foams and plugs are cleaned regularly so as not to cause dirt related health issues. It's all for your good and for keeping the in-ear earbuds presentable for use.
  • Make sure the earbuds are properly kept when not in use. No falling or sitting and stepping on it. Most students tend to be nonchalant about their properties. They keep things without thinking about the longevity and durability of the objects. You have to take care here.
  • Lastly make sure to properly read and understand the instructions contained in the manual. Don't operate the earphones without knowing how to use and operate it.

Buying Guide for Picking the Best True Wireless Earbuds.

How to choose the best tws earbud.

How do you know that this is the best tws earphone for you,  is a question you can answer after deliberating on the listed points in this section. Read through first and then you are a lot closer to knowing what you should shop for. You could also see the guide to the types of headphones, the pros and cons.

Fit and Size. 

I will say fit and size are very important when you want to buy an earpud. Earbuds are supposed to be small in size but there are larger models nonetheless. So if you want something small and easily overlooked, go with the smaller types if not go with the bigger size, which I think is better because it packs more functionality with that size.

For fit, you should consider the ear insert. Make sure it's not hard plastic. A good number of manufacturers use soft rubber or silicon inserts which offer more comfort and fit.


The battery size of an earphone determines how frequently you have to plug your earphone. Since they don't operate in wired mode, you have to consider availability of power and capacity before you close the deal.

Build, Function and Features.

The build concerns the material and design of the earbud. Be on the lookout for components and parts as their functions can make or break the attractiveness and satisfaction you get from the earbuds.

Features like mic, speakers drivers and codecs, active noise cancelling, multi-sized ear inserts, ai assistant, sweat resistance and touch sensitivity are some features that make some models more appealing than others. So, be on the watch and pick out what you want and need because a lot of special earbud models are on this list.


What's your budget for this? The amount that you have will determine the quality of the earbuds you can buy. Notwithstanding, listed here are good quality earbuds for a good enough price range to make it easy for you to get the best of your budget range.


Lastly, it is necessary to know that earbuds come in different colors. So, for those who prefer a specific color like black or blue to others colors, I think for them colors are a thing to look out for when they ship for wireless earbuds.


What is water resistance rating for earphones - ipx1 - ipx9.

These rating are a set of standards that defines the ability of an earphones to handle water and dirt from the most basic level to the more tough situations. I leave a short infographics from that briefly and quickly explains the rating.

Best student earbuds IPX1 + IPX9 rating for waterproof  unique-mag

Do students need headphones?

Yes, college students need headphones. They are very essential for their daily use and entertainment. Not just for musics and videos but for calls, communication, online classes and others.

What are bilateral earbuds?

Bilateral earbuds are the type of earbud that can pair to more than one Bluetooth device at a time. Two people can independently use each earbuds separately.

Which earphones (earbuds) can be used for online classes.

Of course. Most earphones and headphones can be used for online classes. What you should consider are the sound quality, the clarity of the mic and the comfort, softness and fit of the ear plugs, because a single lecture time can be anywhere for a few minutes to hours at a stretch. So you must check for ease of long-term use.

Which earphone is best for student.

The best is dependent on the student and what he or she finds convenient and comfortable. TWS earbuds are one of the best options out there for students to consider. They are lightweight, comfortable, stylish and with lots of excellent features and functions that a student will want and use daily.

Which earbuds is best for online classes and teaching.

For your online classes, just anypick on this list with a mic and good sound system is enough to handle your online classes. The Bluetooth connectivity, version and noise cancelling with quality  audio delivery are all important considerations because each single function can make or mar your lectures, either as the student learning or as the teacher teaching.

So as I have been reiterating throughout this article, tws earbuds are one good accessory to own as a student. They are worth their weight in cash and use.

If you are currently thinking of what to do or which to buy do not fret. This article is simply for that purpose. So no more searching, everything is at your finger tips.

Thanks for reading.

See you around.

Victor Love.

Victor Love

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