Styling Your Denim Skirts Never Got Easier: 25+ Ways To Do Just That.

 Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Are denim skirts still trendy or stylish? Yes. Denims or jeans skirts and pants are fashion pieces that stood the test of time in the fashion world. I don't care what you think about them, denim skirts have been a fashion piece for as long as I can remember and will continue to be.

Difference styles of denims are available and do you know why? I will tell. The reason is that ladies will be hard-pressed to live a fashionable life without denims, and that is almost impossible and hard to do.

Denims wears are excellent in terms of versatility, style, cool and comfort to name a few. Denims have been used to make women's dress, coats, tops, bodysuits, shoes, caps and a lot of other wears.

That aside, this article will be addressing denim and jean skirts. The styles available, how to pair them with other wears (of course you already do that but more are on the way), outfits ideas and shoes to wear with denim skirts.

Goodnews for you if you are looking for more ways to outfit your denims. So sit tight more are on the way.

What are the Types of Skirts.

  • Mini Skirts - are skirts with a length that ends on the thigh.
  • Midi Skirts - are mid skirts with length that ends below the knee but within the lower leg.
  • Maxi Skirts - these skirts go from the mid lower leg to the ground level.


How to Wear Denim skirts.

While there are lots of ways to wear a denim skirt, listed below are some ways to begin.

  • Experiment with looks and pick the ones you like and find comfortable.
  • When you feel like wearing denim for tops and for skirts made sure the top is lighter in shade and color than the buttom.
  • Pick denim skirts that fit your figure and body size (that goes without saying). It is far better than the other way round.
  • You should know that there are a lot of skirt style and designs available.  So for design, if you want a versatile item pick an easily stylable piece. 
  • For work purposes, get a fitted and well structured denim skirt, preferably a midi and pencil skirts.

Jean Skirt Styles, Designs and Outfit Ideas for You.

1. Front-buttoned Midi Skirt and Classic Long-sleeved Shirt. 

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

This attire screams workday in summer. With a pair of white sneakers to really compliment it. This kind of outfit gives the impression of ‘there's no time to get all dress up, but that doesn't mean I won't come out in style'. It's a look to pull up anytime and it's sure to work almost everytime. 

2. Strap Tank Top Tucked in Unbelted Midi Denim Skirt.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

I think most ladies have never thought of wearing their tank tops in this fashion before. If you are among them, I urge you to give it a try. Mind you this look is not for everyone. So if you know you can't pull it off then, you can add a blazer or any outer coat of your choice as a covering for the top.

3. With White T-shirt and White Sneakers. 

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Another way to style your denim midi skirts, is to pair them with regular t-shirts preferably in white just like the picture above and add a pair of white sneakers as a finishing touch. Very straight forward kind of attire for when we can't decide on what to dress in.

4.  In Black and Blue.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Do you know why I call it black and blue? That should be pretty clear from the picture. The jacket, the pair of boots, the bag, the tights and even the pair of sunglasses all are in black color. The only difference is the blue jean miniskirt. Though not as versatile, you can nonetheless pull it off on a casual day. But be careful where you go with it.

5. A Monochromatic Sweatshirt and Knee-high Boots Combination.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

A really classy look to put together for a great day at work. The stylish combination of the sweatshirt and boot is taken a bit further by adding a shoulder bag in the same color and a white belt. It's an outfit that just screams try me and be different. The questions now is will you?

6. Dressing to Impress with a Loose Coat.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

One of the numberless ways to really dress up or dress to impress in a miniskirt is adding a calf length coat to the miniskirt and a black ankle boot as a top up. 

A nightcap, dinner time or hangout with friends, don't worry this outfit can take you there in style and leave a lasting good impression.

7. Front-buttoned Mini and a Graphic T-shirt.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

This is one of the many ways to style your mini denim and come out unique. The tuck in adds its special flavor to the mix giving it a sense of composure and the ‘ I know what am doing' feel. 

Also, you can't miss the subtle touch the black socks and the pink and white sneaker added there. It's a well thought out idea.

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8. Scoop-neck White Top and a Light Colored Blazer.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Another classy look for classy ladies. In my opinion, this a really great way to style a miniskirt and just be a centre of attraction. With this look, compliments are sure to flow-in in abundance. 

This is not for just anyone. If you know you can't happen being a centre of attraction don't try it. Not a look for the meek. However, if you don't mind either way, I urge you to try it now and see.

9. With a White Top and Solid Red-colored Blazer.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Who said red does not look good on a denim miniskirt. This outfit just prove that the symbol of love and danger, can make an outfit lovely and dangerous pretty quickly. 

So, adding a red blazer to a denim skirt is a good way to begin with it . A pair of heels can be added as the choice footwear for that outfit. And please don't button the blazer, most of the appeal disappears.

10. Ready for the Cold with a Scarf and a Jacket.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

You thought denim miniskirts were just for summer and spring times? Sorry to disappoint you, but I have to let you know that with the right match up, even miniskirts can look good in the cold. 

What are those needed accessories? A scarf, a jacket, a winter boot and a opaque tight. With these your mini denim for winter is ready.

11. A Classic White and Heels.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Can I call this business casual. So cool and useful to show up in for a casual day at work. A simple and minimalist approach to when your feel like wearing your knee length denim skirt. 

Just add a pair of heels which you already own and a classic white long sleeve shirt and be on your way. A bracelet alone or with a watch is enough accessories to go with it.

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12. U-necked Top and Pencil Denim Midi Skirt.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Enough of denim skirts with the regular notch button and belts. This piece exchanges that for a more cooler approach - using a wide denim strap in place of belts. And adding a unique touch with tying the strap in a bow tie fashion. 

Matching it with a white top and white heels makes this outfit more professional, increasing it's versatility and use.

13. With a Colored Tshirt and White Sneakers.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Aside from styling your denim skirt with a white t-shirt, you can replace the white tee with a solid colored tee similar to the picture above. Then you can add a special twist to the setup by folding the sleeves. 

Most footwears will do, but this white sneakers draw out the contrast in the outfit, which is a good thing. Making it stylish enough for consideration.

 14. Striped Top and Black Pointed Low-heels.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Another way to wear a front button denim skirt is simply to style it with a striped top. This outfit is professional enough for the workplace and can also be worn outside the workplace.  

The black coat and the black shoes shows you are ready for business to begin as always.

15. With a Sweater and Knee-high Boots.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

A difficult look to pull off but beautiful to look at nonetheless. I know I said to pair knee-high boots with mini skirts but this one right here is on another level. Brilliant combo and matchup to say the least. 

So if you are up for it try it out. It's sure to garner lots of reaction and compliments from people around who love that look.

16. Denim on Denim.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Denim on denim who doesn't know that. I guess you do and you already pair denims. However, I have one tip for you to take your style to another level. Whenever you want to pair denims make sure the top is lighter than to bottom. This blue on black is really flattering, and the white top and sneaker compliments the look really well. Right on the mark.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Another way to pair it, is to make the top and the bottom the same shade, no one is brighter or darker than the other. This is replicated in the pic number 2. 

The lady really killed it with the the pointed stiletto heel and choice of denim skirt. If you can you should replicate it, if not try a pencil midi skirt for the same effect

12+ More Ways to Style and Outfit in Denims.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

A black graphic tee and a pair of sandals. Dressing light for the weather.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

A black v-neck long sleeve top on unbelted denim skirts. If you have a v-neck top, it's time to make a change to the way you wear it and do something different.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Wearing a ripped stretch denim skirt with fringes and a zip at the back is still very much okay. A white off shoulder top is what you need to pull it off. 

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

A loose knee length midi skirt is still modern enough to be accompanied by both a black fitted top and a black sandals. A perfect spring casual look.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

A piece as versatile as high waist denim miniskirt, is a good match for a see-through body fitted long sleeve top. However, as this is a look that is not for everyone, you try it at your own risk.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Another work appropriate outfit. Minimalist but cool, trendy and stylish. It clearly tells you that being your best, does not need lots of dressing up and embellishments. Fundamentals are key.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Complete casual wears, purpose-made for the summer day. A white pair of sneakers, a nicely designed off-shoulder blouse and a denim miniskirt is all you need for your daytime summer date.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Another midi-skirt match with a black knee-high boot and properly styled with a black long sleeve top. There are few places this outfit can't go to. I don't know any can you tell me one?

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Tank top on denim miniskirt and a pair of knee-high boots - a real combo. This look is both complete and incomplete in my eyes. I feel like something is missing, which you can rightly guess. An outerwear. An additional outerwear can do magic here, I just feel it. 

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Who said a off shoulder sweater in lighter shades and a blue miniskirt paired with a pair of dark or brown boots is not a thing? I guess you can see for yourself that combo has no place for weakness. Not for the meek.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Blue classic shirts on blue Denims. What a look. Is that a stylish look? You may ask. The picture already tells you the short answer. So, the missing piece is the right time to try it and see. And I can say the right time is now.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Lots of sneakers on this list. That's why I want to say, you can hardly go wrong when a pair a white top and a white sneaker with a denim miniskirt. It is almost foolproof.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

Dark in all ramifications. Quite a tricky look to pull but nonetheless easy. What is there, is for you to properly nail it and you are good to go.

Stylish Outfits with denim skirts. Unique-mag.

The last miniskirt and knee-high boot combo on this list. But while others had their tops and all, this particular piece bring a striped classic shirt and and an outerwear to the table.

The color combination is something to really check before you combine it to create your own look. Besides, these are guidelines and you should only pick what works best for you.

Shoes to wear with Denim Skirts.

Denims skirts are a versatile items, so they can go well with a lot or footwears. However, a footwear actually compliment a denim skirt will be unmatched in terms of style and coolness factor when it is compared with other footwears.

So below are some footwear choices to try out or invest in the next time you want to go out in your denims being in your best.


Which fashonista have not fall in love with boots. Ankle boots, knee-high boots so long it is stylish and cool, you experiment with it. All I can tell you is that if you want a stylish, cool and captivating impression invest in a boot.

Knee-high boots tend to match very well with mini denims and ankles with midi denims. Nonetheless, you can take it and combine in to get the feel of each type and pick the best.

Sneakers and Trainers.

As stated above, denims are a casual item, they tend to pair well with sneakers(especially white) and trainers. This sneakers and denim combo is a thing you can almost never go wrong with. Here it's more easy to be right than be wrong.

Other Footwear's.

Aside from boots and sneakers, you can also pair your choicest denim skirts with the following.

  • Ballet flats and Loafers.
  • Heels and Wedges.
  • Mules and Sandals.

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Denim skirts are a perfect match for most women outfit and can fit any workplace you want it to, unless denims are not permitted there. Lots of styling and design options exist so you should make a worthwhile choice when you want to purchase one.

And as such, styling your denims skirts shouldn't be an hard nut to crack. Moving forward, with this post and your previous knowledge you have already started the journey. Make sure you see that it ends well. Really well.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time continue to live your best, do and dress your best and be the best of your kind.

Uniquely Yours in Style.

Victor Love.

Victor Love

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