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Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

Having and using Bluetooth headphones can be frustrating at times. All headset users know what I mean. The constant trying to  remember to plug in is not easy, most especially for those who easily forget things.

That aside, many of us know that wired headphones give better audio quality when compared to wireless types. And for those of us who like that quality, we have to sacrifice the freedom of wireless for the cords.

If you are in any of these groups and have been searching for a middle ground, then I guess you may have or have not seen or heard of the class of Bluetooth earphones with aux port that offer you the best of both worlds. The Bluetooth connectivity and the sound quality of wired headphones in a single package.

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What are 2-in-1 Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

They are the type of headphones or headsets that have both Bluetooth and audio cable functionality. You can connect wirelessly with it using the Bluetooth software in your phone or your can connect using the audio cable.

Your device must have a audio cable port before you can successfully connect to it. If your device lacks that audio port then you only have the Bluetooth function to use.

Advantages of Bluetooth headphones with Aux Ports.

  • The advantages of these headphones are numerous but I will state a few of them. They are as follows;
  • You can use it with almost any device, if the device uses Bluetooth or it has an audio jack. This makes it more favorable compared to tws earbuds.
  • With it, you can listen to music all day if you want to. All Bluetooth headphones have internal batteries, after some hours their batteries get depleted. But with a 2in1 headset, if your phone has an audio jack you can listen to music anytime whether the headphones is charged or not, it doesn't matter.
  • Most of these earphones have SD card slot for your external memory cards. So you don't have to depend on your phone all the time. You can get a separate SD card and store all your favorite musics in it and slot it in you headset and you are set.
  • These headphones have mics for call. You can both receive and answer calls with each of them. You can use them for computer games and other gaming consoles if the aux port are available in these consoles.
  • Lastly with these headsets, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The freedom that comes with Bluetooth headphones and the sound quality that comes with wired headphones. So if you are on the road, you can use the Bluetooth function but, if you are at home in your room you can use the aux cable function. It's your call.

The 15 Best Budget Bluetooth Headphones with Audio Cable Connectivity (one is a purely wired headset).

  • Blitzwolf BW- ANC5 Headphone.
  • Bakeey 07S Headphone.
  • Nokia E1200 Headphone.
  • BlitzWolf BW-HPO Headphone
  • Elegant HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Headset.
  • Bakeey P47 Headset.
  • Zealot B26T Headphone.
  • Bakeey B39 Headphone.
  • Lenovo HD800 Headset.
  • Eksa E1 Headset.
  • Onikuma B60 Headset. (Purely wired)
  • Hygel Headsets.
  • Ziyoulang SH33 Headset.
  • Onedio A70 Headset. 
  • BlitzWolf AirAux Headset. 

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Blitzwolf BW- ANC5 Headphone.

BlitzWolf BW-ANC5. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

The BW-ANC5 headphone from BlitzWolf is one of the best headphones available that offer quality Bluetooth function and wired option together in a single package. The ease of use and specifications of this particular headset places it on the level of more expensive headphones.

Features and Benefits.

  • At 450g, this overear headset can be carried along with you to anywhere with some effort.
  • Up to 6 active noise cancelling microphones. You get to make and receive calls, communication is easy as the microphone and speaker provide clear feedbacks and voice when you make calls. With the microphones and ANC you can communicate with a partner while you listen to your music as it filters all unnatural noise out of the interaction.
  • Quality speakers and dynamic drivers that delivers high quality sound notes for you. The bass is really clear with a solid surround sound. 
  • It use the Type-C interface for charging.
  • Soft padding materials to prevent pains when you use the headphone. It properly grips and holds.
  • Available in black.
  • Lastly, built into this headphone is a 750 mAh battery that can deliver up to 30-50 hours of continuous use. And if battery is down and you can't charge it comes with a audio jack and audio cable for a wired connection.

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Bakeey 07S Headphone.

Bakery 07s. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

The Bakeey 07S is one headphone that has a 3-way utility. There is the Bluetooth connectivity, the SD card slot and the audio jack. You can use it anyhow you want it, with and without your phone, with and without Bluetooth and with or without an external SD card.

Features and Benefits. 

  • For speaker and audio quality, it uses a 40mm moving coil based speaker to deliver good sound with quality bass that can shut out the outside distractions.
  • It has a button for answering calls anything they come in, and the voice communication is quite clear.
  • You can use it with an SD card when you don't want to be disturbed with phone calls and notification as you concentrate on your work.
  • The battery is a 400mah battery that can last for between 10hrs to 20hrs of use and can be fully charged in like two hrs
  • Lastly it uses the Bluetooth v5.0 with better speed and clarity and has a pairing distance of 15m so long as the distance is barrier free.

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Nokia E1200 Headphone.

Nokia e1200 headphone. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

Next on this list is the Nokia E1200 2in1 Bluetooth headphone. This headphone is one headphone with good fit for most heads. It can be extended to fit most head size. It also comes with a purpose-built bass button to increase the bass in the sound, if you so love having the bass sound really well in you songs.

Features and Benefits.

  • The 40mm drivers speakers deliver powerful surround sounds that are pleasing to the ear. Most especially for gaming, it creates a realistic sound for your gaming pleasure.
  • There is both the wired and the wireless connectivity options. The Bluetooth is the version 5.0 that is stable and okay for audio quality.
  • The battery is a 500mah battery that according to manufacturer can last you up to a week when your music listening time is peg at 3-5 hours daily but, that's for wireless. For wired, it is ready to go anytime and anywhere.
  • Microphone quality is crisp and clear for gaming and calls.
  • Lastly, materials used in manufacturing it are leather, nylon and ABS. The earmuffs are breathable and soft, so they help to prevent pains if you use them for longer times and the sufficient airflow and breathability means no buildup of sweat either.

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BlitzWolf BW-HPO Headphone.

BlitzWolf bw-hpo headphone. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

Another blitzwolf to make it here is the BW-HPO headphone overear headset. It is a very portable headphone that is quite foldable to reduce the size using a collapsible frame construction. It is also extendable to accommodate most head size very well with a soft headband for cushioning.

Features and benefits.

  • This model is quite something as it can connect to two devices at the same time so no need to re-pair if you want to change devices since both are already connected. It uses the previous v4.1 Bluetooth that is pretty high performance with low battery consumption.
  • It uses a premium dual channel stereo that is paired with a 40mm speaker drive and other high performance components to deliver an excellent audio to your ears.
  • It has the passive noise cancelling that comes from a well constructed ear pads that isolate the outside noise for disturbing you when you listen to your music.
  • It has a micro phones for calls when it comes in. There is no active noise cancelling for this headset.
  • Lastly, it is super lightweight at just 240g. The battery is a 400mah battery that can last for ~20hrs based on the type of use and volume level when you are using it.

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Elegant S1 Stereo Bluetooth Headset.

Elegant s1 Bluetooth headset. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

The Elegant S1 headset is another budget friendly and multi-purpose Onear Bluetooth headphone with good sound level and reliable features. It is a more normal headphone with not much in advanced features. Notwithstanding, it has some characteristics that help it stand out.

Features and Benefits.

  • There is the dual 40mm large aperture drivers that is paired with a CSR chip for it to deliver a clear and discreet sound for audio. All this comes together with the active noise cancelling feature, that is also added.
  • For construction this headphone is very lightweight, very portable and packable and the ear muffs are made with skinlike leather to make it both soft on the ears and easy to use without irritation. The headband is self adjusted.
  • There is a mic you can use for your calls. The Bluetooth is version 4.1. and it is very much compatible with most devices either through Bluetooth or audio cable.
  • Lastly, for battery life you can get up to 12 hrs from it's 300mah battery, which is not much if you ask me.

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Bakeey P47 Headset.

Bakeey p47 headset. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

The P47 headphone is another option on my list that although it's good, it still need to work on some stuff. Parts like the battery need real work to take them up a level, the size and build are also points of concern for most people.

Aside from that the headset has much to offer you if you  have a small to average headsize and if you will be using it in wired mode most of the time.

Features and Benefits.

  • There is noise cancelling on this model thereby boosting your listening experience to enjoyable levels. It also has a mic for calls and communication.
  • There are lots of functionality available on this one. It has both Bluetooth and wired connectivity, there is a TF/SD card slot and it also has a radio/fm function. So if listening to news as you walk or take a stroll is a lifestyle you love this can help you.
  • For batteries it can barely offer up to 5hrs of use which is very low nowadays, and build is on the smaller side. However, for everything else it is still a good bargain which you may consider as a replacement for others.

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Zealot B26T Headphone. 

Zealot b26t. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

This Zealot B26T is one of the most advanced on this list. The advanced features it has easily ranks it as one of the best on this list. Although it needs some getting used to, it is very easy to use when you have mastered the controls just like with everything else.

Features and Benefits.

  • An intuitive and touch sensitive control panel. You control by swiping clockwise, anticlockwise and by taps. No need for buttons even if they are available.
  • For speakers and audio quality, there is a 50mm high-performance driver setup to deliver HD music and audio and good bass notes to complete it.
  • It packs a nice design for your comfort and convenience. The headband is adjustable the overear cups sit firmly in your ears and don't fall off when you move or do your workout.
  • And for more user experience, there is a mic for clear calls, it uses the 4.2v Bluetooth and packs a 600mah battery that has a pretty manageable battery life of ~10hrs which is like the only weakness here.
  • It is available in gold, black, silver and white colors.

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Bakeey B39 Headphone.

Bakeey b39 2 in 1 headset. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

Another item from Bakeey on this list is the B39 headset which has a unique and eye-catching design. It is quite ergonomic in it's build and comfortable to wear and use. The materials used are PC and ABS and the cost is pretty low for that part.

Features and Benefits.

  • HD quality sound from the 40mm driver speakers. With hidh-res for bass, soft treble, noise reduction and sound insulation bracket.
  • There are 3 available modes for you to use at any time. Bluetooth, aux cable and SD card.
  • It comfortably sits on the ears and with a 400mah battery, 2.5 hrs of charge can last up to 10 hrs of use.
  • No mic available on this headset.
  • Lastly, to top it off it has a special feature that other headsets lack and that is a 7 color led light that shines on the ear cups. It's purely for beauty with no function other than that.

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Lenovo HD800 Headset.

Lenovo hd800 Bluetooth and wired headphone.Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

Lenovo is a brand known for their quality products from laptops to other consumer electronics so their headphone must also be of good quality right? You are right the HD800 though a budget headphone delivers on quality and reliability. Another Lenovo was featured in our best accessories for students article.

Features and Benefits.

  • An active noise cancelling feature that helps to give you the best in terms of music quality and quietness. It completely shuts out the outside noise leaving you a clear and crisp audio.
  • High-quality mics for HD clear calls and communication.
  • The headset is foldable hence can be easily stored. However note that the headband is not extendable hence please note the size before you buy.
  • The ear caps and pads are properly cushioned and soft. Making it comfortable and less painful for regular use.
  • The battery is really capable at 500 mAh as it can last up to 20hrs of use before the next charge which might not be necessary when your device is audio cable compatible.

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 Eksa E1 Headset.

Eksa e1 headsets. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

The Eksa e1 is another good quality headphone ready for hours long use for both Bluetooth and wired connection. It is available in only black color and is super extendable with up to 5 levels to fit you no matter the size of your head. Not for kids though.

Features and Benefits.

  • It adopts the lastest Bluetooth 5.0v that offers fast connectivity, stable voice transmission and low power consumption.
  • The speakers are 40mm high power driver system that presents impactful music experience. There is a SUPER Eq mode that brings out more bass than normal.
  • It has an highly sensitive microphone that you can use for a variety of purpose. Phone calls, gaming, video calls and conference etc.
  • One of the strengths of this headset is the 450mah battery which can last a whole day when in use. The comfortable design and craftsmanship is another point where the e1 shines really well.

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Onikuma B60 Headset.

Onikuma b60 headset. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

In very convenient, flexible and durable construction comes the Onikuma b60. It is very well made with a lot of features going well for it. Though it is available only in black color, it is still a worthy option to pick up and use because you will not regret.

Features and Benefits.

  • It prides itself on its 50mm quality speakers that offer good surround sound, quality bass and high sound fidelity among others. Both gaming and music worthy.
  • It offers the best omnidirectional earcap movement of all headphones on this list. The ear caps can move in 90° and it is hooked with another joint that can move in a similar way. Hence it is super flexible and foldable.
  • Has active noise cancelling which pair well for super clear music and super clear mic for calls and in-game communication.

Note: this is a purely wired headphone and no Bluetooth connectivity available.

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Ingel In-550 Headsets.

INGEL IN-550 headphone. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

Another multiuse overear headset with lots of functions and things to offer. The InGel IN-550 comes with a unique design, good quality materials and construction. It is available in mainly black and other mixed black colors.

Features and Benefits.

  • Over ear design that gives the feeling of a surround stereo sound. The ear cups are made with breathable and soft materials.
  • 40mm driver unit that delivers good sounds and solid bass notes. Active noise cancelling to give your music the kind of depth you want.
  • It has voice prompts making it easy to operate and understand when you make use of it. There is a mic for calls and other communications.
  • For compatibility, it can pair with both Android and iOS Bluetooth devices. If the device has a audio jack you can also connect it with it. It also has a wireless fm for listening to daily regional news and programmes.
  • The wireless range offer more distance than normal at 20m instead of the regular 10m of other models.
  • However, the battery leaves more to be desired at 250 mAh which can last just up to 7hrs of use.

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Ziyoulang SH33 Headset.

Ziyoulang SH33 Bluetooth headset. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

The Ziyoulang SH33 is an excellent gaming headset in the making, specially made with gamers in mind. Made of  quality materials and with good function to add to it's desirability, this earphone can easily stand out as a worthy gaming tool.

Features and Benefits.

  • The ear muffs are super comfortable. They are cushioned with soft and breathable leather materials to prevent buildup of sweat and facilitates the flow of air.
  • It offers clear notes and discreet audio from it's quality speakers paired with the active noise reduction feature.
  • The mic uses the CVS v8.0 and the dcp dual noise reduction technology to offer clear calls and in game communication.
  • Though it uses the Bluetooth v4.0 the voice rendation is quite stable with a negligible lag.
  • And to top off the good qualities available, this headset has a long lasting battery and a captivating led breathing light on the ear caps, that tends set a cool mode as you listen to your songs.

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Oneodio A70 Headset.

Oneodio A70 headset. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

The Oneodio A70 is one good headphone that offers lots and I mean lots of functionality you can't see in pretty much any regular headphone. These functions has made it an item on the list of most people including dj's when they plan to purchase a quality budget headphone.

Features and Benefits.

  • Aside from the Bluetooth and the regular audio cable connection, this headphone has two ports for audio cables. One is a 6.5mm port and the other is the normal 3.5mm port. The respective cords are included in the package.
  • The 6.5mm port and cable are excellent for connecting to music sound systems, amps and musical instruments.
  • The 40mm driver speakers offer clean, clear and discreet professional sounds with vibrant clear bass.
  • For lasting battery life this headphone packs a 950mah that can last up to 50hrs of use. Hopefully you won't need to test it for that amount of time but if you want to, there is a super soft and comfortable earpads to help you do just that.
  • With all that has been said, the one thing I personally like about this model is the music sharing function. Whether you connect with Bluetooth or wires this headphone can share it's music's with other headphone connected through the audio jacks and cable provided.

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BlitzWolf AirAux AA-ER3

BlitzWolf AirAux AA-ER3 headset. Best Bluetooth headset with audio jacks. Unique-mag.

To close this list is one headphone I can't ignore. It is  the BlitzWolf AirAux AA-ER3. Talk super comfortable, lasting battery life, ergonomic design and quality sound, it's in the box. The headbands are extendable with excellent grips and the whole stuff is lightweight and packable.

Features and Benefits.

  • For high quality sounds, this AirAux packs 4 dynamic drivers for the speakers. Dynamic drivers are excellent for delivering powerful bass and proper balance of high and medium frequencies in sound notes.
  • There is the 1000mah battery (the biggest on this list) that can keep you occupied for close to ~40 hrs after 3.5 hrs of full charge.
  • Aside from the v5.0 Bluetooth, it uses an audio jack as interface for sound and audio connectivity.
  • And finally, this headset can connect to two devices simultaneously. So you don't always have to reconnect, all you need to do is just switch from one device to another and you are good.

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Bluetooth Headset with Aux Ports Buying Guide.

When you are planning to buy headphones of any type, wired or wireless, there are some important things to take note of before you close the buy. Listed below are some things to cross-check and know before you pay your money.


How do you want it to fit? Is an important question to answer when you are shopping for a headphone. The headphone has to grip firmly and be well centered when placed on your head.

It should not sag or grip too tight so as not to be painful or be an inconvenience when you use it. When you get a proper fit, you will have less to worry about and be more satisfied with that purchase.

Type of Headphone.

The type of headphone you want is also a thing to be considered. In this article, the multi-purpose Bluetooth headphones was the main point but there are other types of headphones and earphones. 

Each type have its advantages and disadvantages, and they appeal to different kind of use and are for different purposes so you need to buy the type that matches or helps you achieve your goals.


Compatibility is important. I can't say enough of that. If you buy a headphone only to find out that you can't make use of the device, that's like a wasted investment. It's either you go through the stress of return or you gift it out. After that your last option is to buy a compatible device which is like a waste of money.

So compatibility is key. You must find out so you can be rest assured that you have a good headphone you can use for what you bought it for.

Use, Want and Purpose.

For what purpose are you considering an headset or earphone? For calls, music, gaming or whatever you want. Do you want something that can be used to communicate better even when you are listening to your music? All these will determine the kind of headphone you will want to purchase.

Features and Price.

Lastly what is your budget. While you can get quality headset for affordable prices they might not have the type of features that comes with more expensive headphones.

When we talk of things like active noise cancelling, SD card slot, microphone etc if you need these kind of features and you don't have much to spend, then that's ok. Look through this list you will find some really good deals for you.

However there are some features that you can't find here, talk about using Siri ai, finger sensing touch multiple device connectivity and face recognition those can mostly be found on models a little bit more than the normal budget. So you may increase your budget if those are necessary for you.


What is the best Wireless Headphone with Aux Ports.

The best Wireless headphone with aux cable port can be any one on this list. There are lots of things and features involve to be termed the best. But the question is, is this the best for me? To answer that you have to study the buying guide and the product list and know what's best for you.

What is a Bluetooth headset with SD card slot.

These are headphone that have portable storage ports for your external SD cards. You can use them to listen to song without the need for phones and cords. 

3 of this type of headset is addressed in this article.

Bluetooth headset with FM.

You need a Bluetooth headset with FM, quickly scan this list and you will find close to two items that offers quality wireless FM function with lots of fabulous perks added.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

I hope you are not tired of doing your best as always. Even though it's not an easy task, keep trying and continue in it.

Uniquely Yours for Quality Music Time,

Victor Love.

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