Xsuit Handbands and Bracelets Review: Complete and Complement your Outfit and Style with Charm and Intrigue.

Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag
Xsuits' xbands to compliment your style.

Call them hand bands, bracelets, wristlets, bangles, cuffs or whatever you want, bracelets have being around as a significant religious and cultural item from around 5000Bce.  

It has also become known as a fashion accessory for quite a long time now. Their longevity in the realms of fashion is a result of their ability to compliment and spice up any outfit with appeal. They can transend a fairly regular outfit to a unique one in cool and wild ways.

Bracelets or handbands as the name implies are jeweleries or accessories worn on the wrist. Bracelets have served lots of uses during its long history. They have served as ornaments, event and function tags and for association or identification.

Bracelets worn on other bodyparts other than the wrist go by different names to specify how they are used. Bracelets worn round the upper arms are called armlets, if around the ankles are called anklets. They are of various types based on use, identification or function.

Bracelets as jewelry are made differently and with certain materials making them clearly distinct from other forms. A bangle which is a single loop inflexible band is just a type of bracelet and it is different from other bracelets used by sportsmen or those used during religious occasion due to certain addition like supportive hooks used to hold charms and decorations.

Lots of materials have been used in the manufacture and design of bracelets. Materials like wood, metal, pearls, leather, plastics, beads, clothes, rocks to name a few have been extensively utilized in the crafting of bracelets which we see all around us today.

However, today I will be presenting to you Xbands from Xsuits, bracelets that identify you as a fashion lover, and give you that unique first and lasting impression you want to make. Haven't heard of xbands yet? Allow me to reveal to you who they are.

XSuits is a brand known for its world class level suits, pants and shirts that are well designed and are manufactured with high quality fabrics you won't get anywhere else. All their products are results of years of research and expert design methods.

I recommend you check out their collections of suits, pants, shirts. Particularly the suits, I guarantee you are gonna like them as they are not common to find nowadays.

Xbands Bracelets Review:

  • Lava Stone Bracelet.
  • Jasper Skull Bracelet.
  • Palladium Loop Bracelet.
  • Topaz Braid Bracelet.
  • Obsidian Anchor Bracelet.
  • Rhodium Cylinder Bracelet.
  • Leather Nail Bracelet.
  • Diamond Nail Bracelet.
  • Chrome Screw Bracelet.

Lava Stone Bracelet.

Lava stone band. Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag

In an ergonomic and flexible design comes the lava stone. Easy to put on and take off anytime you want to. To put it on you simply pull the beads closest to the lock in opposite directions and you tighten by the pulling the small silver bead in opposite direction. So easy.

This band is 100% handmade in nylon string and finished with stainless steel drawstring lock. To add its unique touch to your style this piece has two 8mm beads in silver finish at the end of the drawstring. Some number of beads were added during crafting to alter the plain look on the upper part of the bracelet.

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Jasper Skull Bracelet.

Jasper skull band Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag

This is not just your regular elastic string and beads bracelet combination. This is special. How? The string that makes up the important part of this is band is made with longlasting and durable elastic materials covered in a silicone compound to make sure it is permanently soft and flexible.

Adding to take are the 8mm beads in silver finish and specially made skull bead placed as decorations on the handband. This item is handmade as always with the level of quality the brand is known for, mixing that with ease of putting on and putting off am sure you can't go wrong with the Jasper skull.

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Palladium Loop Bracelet.

Paladium loop bangle. Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag

This band is special in its design. It comes in two shades; a silver and a black color for you to make your choice. It is a single loop bangle but not the regular as it has a special design of figures imprinted on its outer part. It can be worn solo or with other wristlets and wrist accessories.

This timeless piece is made in stainless steel. Although not as flexible as others, it can be put on with relative ease. You only have to unhook it place your wrist and rehook it. The same process you can use for removing it also.

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Topaz Braid Bracelet.

Topaz braid bangle. Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag

This one is a bangle-styled bracelet that is sure to add a polish feel to your attire. It is a lovely piece to look at, a braided bangle that is more appealing than the regular straight loop type and it is made in stainless steel and finished in silver. 

Elegantly crafted sleek and silver topaz braid can be paired with your favorite luxe watch, top quality and top quality mix. Imagine this special band on your arm paired with your eye catching watch, what a display and instantly conversation starter. Be ready to answer a lot of questions and queries because people will comment on such a timeless combo.

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Obsidian Anchor Bracelet.

Obsidian anchor. Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag

Do you love to sail the endless oceans? This handband was made with ship and water lovers in mind. It features a carefully crafted 25 x 37mm anchor lock to hook it up just like an anchor in a ship keep the ship in place. Beautifully braided 4mm leather straps attach to the anchor locks. All in black with black finish.

This bracelet for men possessing a seafaring appeal, merged with the elegance and sophistication of black is enough accent to turn around a regular look into a dangerous or wild look. So, if you pair this with a casual style or a dressy look you are not in the wrong.

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Rhodium Cylinder Bracelet.

Rhodium cylinder band. Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag

This is not just your regular elastic string and beads bracelet combination. This is different. How? This band is made with longlasting elastic bands. The band are covered in a silicone compound to make sure they retain their flexibility and elasticity for a very long time.

Adding to take are the 8mm beads in silver finish and stone encrusted cylinders that are placed as decorations on the handband. This item is handmade as always with the level of quality the brand is known for, mixing that with ease of putting on and putting off an sure you can go wrong with this in your accessory collection.

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Leather Nail Bracelet.

Leather nail strap. Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag

True to its name this band is made from genuine leather. This all-black, sleek and dark design uses subtility as its strength when complimenting your outfit. You don't have to worry yourself how best to make it match because the leather nail is cool in itself.

This handcrafted cuff is 10mm in diameter and 3mm wide. It is beautiful on its own solo ride but it shines more when you put it in a stack of bracelets. You know people always say ‘there is strength in unity’. This is a perfect example of that saying.

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Diamond Nail Bracelet.

Diamond nail. Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag

A 3mm wide stainless steel cuff bracelet. The name diamond is just a name there is no actual diamond added to this design. Though no diamonds, as you have only a silver finish this band still shines when its time to get serious.

It comes with a diameter of 10mm, quite a size. The band is minimalist and sleek. It doesn't come with those extra add-ons like beads, stone or pearls. Its a simple but unique handcrafted design with a single aim which is, making you look beautiful and attractive in your style.

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Chrome Screw Bracelet. 

Chrome screw. Xband handbands and bracelet review. Uniquemag

Sleek, black and beautiful is the second name this bangle goes by. Expertly handmade in stainless steel material yet still flexible, comfortable and cool as black when you need it to be. Clearly different, easy to put on and it comes in xband gift box.

This can be worn solo as a stand-alone piece with most outfits but it can also be worn together with a nice wristwatch any time you need your watch or anytime you want to create that fashion master and polished appearance of yours.

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Are you considering buying a bracelet or band after this? I think you should check out xband's collection and see if you like anyone of it's items.

How you rock a bracelet is all up to you. Bracelets can really pair well with a wide variety of outfits and style from casually to dressy, you just have to find what works for you and upgrade it.

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