Sony Playstation Series: Discover a World of Unparalleled and Fun Gaming Experiences.


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Are you thinking of getting a video gaming console? Something to have fun with.

Are you a game streamer and you in the market for a video gaming console for your home streaming channel? or maybe a parent who wants to get a console for the kids? This guide is for you. When you are new to the home video gaming market it can be hard to know what to do.

Gaming on video gaming consoles can be fun really fun. This is like a part of the human life that is indispensable. And it is evident on the popularity of video games and live game streams on Android, IOS and PC.

But, you can be certain that nothing beats playing games on a dedicated gaming console. I've being there.

There are as few things as games that brings together people from different locations with different backgrounds to compete against each other or unite together as the case may be.

Due to the popularity of video games and their dedicated gaming consoles it can be hard to make a descision on the type of console that matches you and the type you are likely to benefit from and enjoy.

So below are some tips  to guide you on picking up your video gaming console.

Note: I will be talking about PlayStation in this post. Check out our guide for other gaming consoles to be released very soon.

Let's begin.

PlayStation 5

#1- Sony PlayStation 5 Console

The PS 5 is the latest in the PlayStation series. Launched in 2020. I can assure you that this is one of the best when it comes to video gaming consoles. There have been nothing like it up on till now. And am sure nothing like it will be released for a few years to come.

Some benefits of the PS 5 are:

- Visuals are in high resolution and life-like [my favorite].

- Fast and smooth gaming experiences

- The PS5 supports YouTube, Netflix, redbull TV etc (online streaming)

- It support the PlayStation Now [a subscriptionbased cloud gaming service for playing games from previous generations.

- It takes it a step further as it is compatible with the PlayStation VR. Just imagine yourself playing your game using the VR console. Wow it's like the game becomes reality. (New dedicated VR under development).

- Tempest Engine- best sound system in video gaming.

- Less power consumption.

- Online gaming community and multiplayer.

The PlayStation 5 video game consoles don't come cheap. With that being said, the PlayStation 5 is not for everyone as you dont want to stretch yourself thin just for a video game. The console and the other accessories can cost you a pretty penny.

However, there are lots of alternatives with almost the same benefits for a fraction of that cost but, if you want it why not go for it, nothing is holding you back, right?


PlayStation 4

#2- Sony PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 4 videogame console has been the rave till it was over thrown by it's successor - the PlayStation 5. Launched September 2013. It had its reign before the PS 5 was launched but then not every one can get the PS 5.

The benefits and features of the PS 4 are also one of a kind in its class of video gaming consoles.

It has two major types based on specs : PS 4 slim and PS 4 pro.

Speaking of the PS 4 pro.

Features and benefits.

- it supports high resolution and 4k media. 

- Online multiplayer and community.

- Share play and media sharing

- Smart phone connectivity.

- Smooth gaming experiences

- Also support VR gaming.

Also it should be noted that it has a bulky structure. I think it's the bulkiest of the PlayStations series.

The PlayStation 4 is cheaper compared to the PlayStation 5 but for those who can afford it, it's an excellent alternative.

What if I can't afford it? don't worry I got you covered.

This is for you. Bringing you.

PlayStation 3

#3- Sony PlayStation 3

The PS 3 was a turning point in the history of video gaming. First released in 2006.

It was the first in the PlayStation series to incorporate bluray disks for storage, social gaming services and connectivity with handheld gaming consoles like the PS vita.


- 1080p resolution at best

- Bluetooth connectivity

- Keyboards and mouse connectivity

- Wireless controllers.

- Clear graphic user interface.

In all, the PS 3 gaming console is seventh generation gaming console but that shouldn't stop you from having fun with it. Due to new updates and upgrade it's about to go out of production but, if that's what you want or what you can afford it's okay go for it.


When it's all said and done we know what's best for us, what our finance can handle and what our priorities are. You can take you time to search for deals and discounts before you buy so as to buy at a lower price.

So that it. If you think you can afford any of these get them and enjoy yourself. 

So what do you think, have you tested the PS 4 and liked it more than the PS 5 or are you thinking the PS 5 is expensive I can't afford it but I want it? 

Then let me know about your thoughts in the comment below👇. Bye for now.

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