Forsining Mechanical Watches Review: Are These Low Cost Mechanical Watches Worthy of a Second Look?

For those who are trying to rationalise the kind of cheap* am talking about, you might be surprised that a mechanical watch could be sold for as low as 40-50$ and at times even less. 

Forsining mechanical watches review Uniquemag

Enough of all the thousands and hundreds of dollars let's talk cheap for a change

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Those among us who are conversant with the amount of value attached to a mechanical watch might be thinking that I am saying something unbelievable. However, I must tell you it has been proven again and again, that a mechanical watch does not have to cost you a hefty sum of cash. That is exactly what companies and watch brands like Forsining is doing. 

As not everyone have the excess cash or financial power to buy a highend mechanical watch, we can always make do with a quartz watch or an electronic watch. For that, companies like this make you have a second thought about that decision and make you consider owning a mechanical watch for your use and pleasure.

About Forsining Watches.

Forsining is a brand owned by a company called Guangzhou Ruixue Watch Company Limited, who started out in the watchmaking industry at around 2006. Close to three brands are owned and operated by this company and all are tailored to making low cost automatic mechanical watches for various markets and price points.

Notwistanding the low cost of their products, I can say this company have created some really cool and wonderful timepieces that are beautiful to the eyes for just a fraction of the price of another company's products.

For most people, they might want to own a mechanical for the sake of it and hence are not willing to empty their account for just a watch. For these reasons brands like this came up with just that as their motive “ give them a mechanical watch they can use with a low tag". It does not necessarily has to be as polish or have as much bling or quality as other mechanical watches.

How they are able to reduce the cost of their products is still a mystery to me because they use the normal watchmaking raw materials like your metals, glass, leather etc and the watches still sell for a few dollars? it's wonderful I will say.

However, I guess you most be thinking that the quality and durability of their products are questionable or downright bad. You are not in the wrong because that is a normal reaction. So read on as I will be bringing to you the real and actual quality of their products for you to judge if it is actually worth your consideration.

Customers Verdict On Forsining Watches.

As a potential buyer, am sure you know it is always mandatory that you learn a bit about what you want to purchase. Information they say is power. There is never too much information when you are about to buy a stuff.

In that respect, I really wanted to know what customers thought about Forsining before I can recommend it for others. What I found out in the reviews I could gather are outlined below.

Aside the regular report of goods spoilt in transit and occasional errors in the products, most customers like up to 90% were actually pleased with their purchases as they said they will consider buying from the brand again especially as a gift item. So it is not always bad or low quality.

I will say due to the low cost of these products most of the products actually do not come in special cases but rather in packs. While some will be delivered well packed in a beautiful case, others might just arrive in a simple package. Does it really matter?

Some long term users complained about their watch crown falling off after some years of use and other rare cases recorded lose of time and hands that were out of sync. That might or might not be a problem for you because if you are able to get an okay Forsining watch you might discover that you have fallen in love with this brand and you can't let go.

To me, watches especially mechanical watches need to be maintained regularly so they can last long, the price of a watch should not be the reason for it to be neglected. But then, some of these watches are delivered without an operation manual added, and what to do? This makes personal repairs difficult. So you will need a watch expert who can offer cheap mechanical watch repairs.

So if you think you might want to give them a try, go ahead but if not let them be. We all know what we want. Are you ready to make a little compromise for these amazing watches?.

Forsining Watches Reviews.
Model Name.

  • Forsining GMT 911
  • Forsining TM 382G
  • Forsining FSG 6914
  • Forsining FSG 8203
  • Forsining FSG 8204
  • Forsining A231
  • Forsining GMT 1009-3
  • Forsining GMT 1091
  • Forsining GMT 1137
  • Forsining GMT 1138
  • Forsining GMT 373
  • Forsining GMT 838
  • Forsining S101
  • Forsining TM366G

Forsining GMT 911

Forsining Gmt 911 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

The GMT 911 is almost too cool for a watch of this price. It comes with a glass dial face and a white skeletonized dial having a classic church design theme that unveils the internal workings of this watch for your viewing pleasure and houses the analog display. This watch can be paired with either your business outfits or your casual outfits as a low cost dress watch.

The band strap is made with unnatural PU leather strap, and a needle buckle clasp. With a normal little touch of water resistance so you will not have to panic because of sweats and drizzles.

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Forsining TM 382G

Forsining tm 382g mechanical watches review Uniquemag

Crafted in stainless steel for both casing and backcover and a genuine leather for the straps this automatic watch for men can be paired with most business and casual outfits. The dial is covered in glass and with an added impressive feature - a luminous hand and number display. So even in nighttimes you can comfortably tell time.

Important metrics for this watch are a band width of 22mm, band length of about 250mm and case thickness of about 14mm so your should take these measurements to heart and make sure they are to your fit before you click 'add to cart'.

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Forsining FSG 6914

Forsining Fsg 6914 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

Beautiful and fashionable as always the FSG 6914 comes in complete stainless steel body and lots of cool designs. It has a regular glass covered analog dial display and a stainless steel band with the fold buckle. 3 crowns which am not sure have a working function or are just for beauty sake can be found at the side of the watch.

There are 3 subdials complications like a week display, date display, a window style dial which I can't tell its function. It has a normal level water resistance and it also has a luminous display for the dial hands and the figure. All this features for just a little price.

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Forsining FSG 8203

Forsining fsg 8203 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

This automatic watch is unique in its own right. The design is a strange one as each of the hands are separated into three different dials. Two sub dials one for the second hand and the other for the hour hand. The main dial is for the minute hand.

The face of this watch is covered with lens made from hardlex material. The casing is made of a brushed shell for a smooth texture that is clean looking but not cheap looking. The strap are made of rubber. Truly the color options of this watch are a great fashion point as there are some nice contrasts that are sure to grab your attention.

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Forsining FSG 8204

Forsining fsg 8204 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

The FSG 8204 like the 8203 come in brush steel shell and hardlex glass for clear viewing of your time. Added to that is a carved and transparent back casing and complete brushed stainless steel body that makes up both the case and the watch straps.

The watch has 3 crowns at the side and 2 hands on the main dial. The second hand has a dial of it own just beneath the middle of the main dial. There is a another little dial just to the side though I can't tell what is the function of that dial. Only the pointers glow during the night which for me is not as useful compared to if the glow was on both the pointers and numbers.

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Forsining A231

Forsining A231 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

Made as a multifuntional racing mens watch the A231 is packed full with feature that is might only expect from a high priced timepiece. There is complete luminous design for both the pointers and the number lines and the manufacturer picked a nice color combination for this watch.

The case is made in steel and it is matched with a genuine leather strap. Some of the functions of this watch are the week display, month display and date display so you don't need to check your phone or calendar to know what is today's date. All you need to do is check you watch and you are updated immediately.

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Forsining GMT 1009-3

Forsining Gmt 1009 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

The piece was also inspired as a racing watch designed with a transparent or skeletonized casing to match. The back cover is also transparent. You can see and study for yourself how a mechanical watch tick and how the mechanism works. With this watch the mechanical wonders of this watch are your's for the viewing.

That aside, this watch has a 3 atm water proof feature for water resistance. The bands are made of genuine leather and this watch is quite nice to own as an accessory with its good looks, elegant designs and color themes.

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Forsining GMT 1091

Forsining gmt 1091 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

The GMT 1091 model also utilizes to transparent skeleton design to take its beauty and charm to another level. The interior working of the watch are made from steel but coated in gold. Accompanying that is the intricate artwork done on the dial this gives the watch the feel of a highend luxury watch without needing to cost the same price.

The other body part like the casing and the strap are made from steel. The cover underneath is carved and transparent. There is a luminous display which completes the splendor of this seemingly expensive but affordable mechanical men's watch.

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Forsining GMT 1137

Forsining Gmy 1137 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

Preparing for an outing no matter the settings am sure you can never go wrong with this piece. Aside from the regular analog dial it has, there are also 3 other sub dials and a window styled display available in it for you. Among the subdials there is the date display, a week display and a month display. 

Available for just under $60 are those features with some extra to top it off. It has 3 crowns. Stainless steel is used for all parts of the watch design both case, strap and buckle. Luminous pointers and numbers are added as part of the dial design all for your ease and use when it is night. Hence, it is not strange when customers say they like this particular piece and will buy again.

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Forsining GMT 1138

Forsining gmt 1138 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

Fashionable and cool is the GMT 1138 automatic watch from Forsining. This watch is also loaded with quite a number of regular features like 3 sub dials that work as the week display, date display and month display. The back casing is made in transparent material and you get just a bit of water resistance with this design.

Both the hour and minutes pointers on the main dial are luminous at night. The watch casing is about 21 mm thick with a diameter of 43mm. The length of the band is 21mm and this band is also made from the same stainless steel as the casing of the watch. Glass was used as cover for the dial face to complete the cool factor of this watch.

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Forsining GMT 373

Forsining Gmt 373 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

This watch then takes that cool factor to another level that you will be hardpressed to find for this price range. There is an array of attractive features and display add ons that make up the perfect picture of the timepiece. 

Having an automatic movement is one thing. But combining an automatic movement with a year display, week display, month display and date display is something else entirely. 

Not only that, the casing of this watch is made from good grade stainless steel and genuine leather with a needle buckle clasp to match. To take the looks further up is the additional visual impression of three crowns on the side to do the necessary settings and windings when using the watch.

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Forsining GMT 838

Forsining gmt 838 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

Another skeletal watch you can always add to your collection of watches for less than 1/5 the price of others. The watch is ready for your use all day and night with its nicely designed steel casing and genuine leather strap that is matched with an analog display that houses a luminous display for the points.

The numerals of this watch are written in roman figures. Enough with the regular 1,2,3 numberings, roman numerals numbering were considered for a change. Added to that is the hollow engraving design that brings the beauty of the opened mechanism to the fore.

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Forsining S101

Forsining s101 mechanical watches review Uniquemag

Another transparent mechanical watch to add to Forsining's long list of skeletal watch models. This watch is completely manufactured in stainless steel both casing and strap. The top glass and the bottom casing are transparent so you can view the movement intricacies and wonders all you want.

This watch has a very light water proof design just for sweat and light drizzles not much water or your watch goes bad. The watch hands have luminous display that glows after absorbing light. 

Taking about dimensions, this watch's casing is 46mm in diameter, 13mm in thickness and band length is 21mm.

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Forsining TM366G

Forsining tm 366g mechanical watches review Uniquemag

To end this list is another skeletal mechanical watch (lots of skeletal watches). Both the top glass and bottom casing allows you to see what goes on within your timepiece. This watch can be worn with different outfits either casual or business just name it and the watch is ready to serve.

You get a little water proof feature for your daily use. Added to that are two sub dials and a crown in a steel casing with a strap for that souped up look this watch is ready to deliver. 

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This ends my list on Forsining's low cost mechanical watches anyone can try out for a change.

Added Insights On Forsining Watches.

Adding to what I have previously stated Forsining watches are good watches for the most part but you should not expect to get the level of utility you would expect from a highend watch they are on two different levels.

Recommended: Types of watch movements and how to use and maintain them.

Even top branded watches can go bad within a short time that is reality for you. So I will still stress a point when it comes to shopping for watches either high end or affordable. Always know the returns policy of the site. You can always see the reviews of other customers before you make up your mind.

Also make sure the watch is the correct size for you or it can be amended to fit you before you even add to cart. Always check our for strap length and width before you buy.

And lastly, you should expect some variations even in measurement when expecting your supplies this is reality after all. I am sure we have experience that once or twice to know what to expect in life.

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