Ecotric E-Bikes Review: Solidly Built And High Performance Electric Bikes That Screams Safety and Reliability When It Counts.

Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Gone are the days when we had to ply roads as we visit places only for us to be stranded in a holdup for some good minutes and atimes traffic jams of hours on end. What we set out to achieve becomes unsuccessful. Wasted time and effort. 

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Peradventure you were on your way to the market hoping to prepare a quick meal for a visiting friend at the last minute and you end up not preparing it at all, because you went to the market and came back after four hours. What a wasted time and unnecessary headache. I hate that kind of stuff.

Now things have change as we could do better with the very time we have on our hands. Do you know the secret? Its electric bikes or ebikes for short. We have now been empowered with the needed piece to save our time and spend it well.

Ebikes are simply motorized bikes. They are different from the regular bikes that require the riders input for locomotion and speed. To me and most people, regular bikes was input equal to output all the time. But ebikes are different in that they take what little input and rank up the output or supply riding power by simply pressing a button. It's like your efforts are maximized for a smooth ride.

So, today I will be introducing an electric bike brand that have really made headways in the area of ebike production, manufacturing and design. Speed, comfort, solidity, affordability, and durability are some of the exotic features that can be boosted off by users of this bike brand and they never fail to deliver in that regard.

Since formation, ECOTRIC Ebikes's mission has always been to produce environmentally friendly and high-quality e-bike for its customers. ECOTRIC advocates green traveling, energy-saving, and healthy lifestyles, the pursuit of harmony between man and nature, and they aspire to promote and recreate a new mode of transport.

Founded in november 2017, this company in Oakland have rapidly grown to own a standard production facility, lots of warehouses in the US, an ebikes accessories line and a standard after sales service. So you see that they are always on ground to assist you if for any reason your bike has an issue that needs attention you can trust them to have your back.

They are a user focused brand where they have their customers at heart and employ their experiance and expertise during their product design process. The over 10000 ebikes sold in the US alone with 18 months warranty period for their ebikes, free deliver in the US and 30 day trial period is a proff of that. 

All of their bikes are UL Certified. Meaning they have been tested and proven in terms of safety. This certificate provide credibility that their products can be trusted to maintain integrity and quality in design and in service.

Ebikes Models From Ecotric Reviews.

Off Road Electric Bike Models:

  • 20" Fat tire Model. (Folding ebikes)
  • 26" Fat tire Model.
  • Hammer Model.
  • Rocket Model.
  • Dolphin Model. (Folding ebikes/Step-thru )
  • Leopard Model.
  • Tornado Model.
  • Bison Model.

City Electric Bikes Models:

  • Starfish Model. (Folding ebikes/Step-thru ebikes)
  • Voltex Model.
  • Lark Model. (Step-thru ebikes).
  • Seagull Model.
  • Peacedove Model. (Step-thru ebikes).

Ebikes Accessories:

  • Ecotric Ebike Custom-made Replacement Accessories.
  • General Ebike Accessories.

See Ebikes Terminology FAQ's at the end of the article.

Off-Road Electric Bike Models.

20" Fat tire Model. (Folding ebikes)

20" fat tire folding ebikes Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

The 20" fat tire ebike is excellent to own for those who like bringing their bikes when packing for family trips because it is compact and foldable to create more room for other trip items. As a folding bicycle, its upper tube, the handlebar stem, and even the pedals are foldable.

Thanks to the integrity and strength of the frame, it can take on many tasks you would not expect from a regular portable & folding bikes such as hauls from the grocery store. It's fat tires can handle challenging terrains, and rough roads all without breaking a sweat.

When we talk about the features and capacity, this ebike has a motor capacity of 500 W that is able to deliver speeds of 21-23 mph. Though it takes up to 7hours for a full charge, the 36 V battery capacity will take you from 18 miles to upward of 20 miles on pure electric power. Such distance without the thigh ache, sign me up.

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26" Fat Tire Ebike Model.

26" fat tire ebikes Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Also known as the electric fat tire beach snow bike, this bike can handle the beach, snow and other difficult terrains thanks to its reliable tires with anti-skid design. With a solid triangular aluminum-alloy construction and powerful tires that provide good grip and shock absorption this bike will not just handle beach and snow it can also take on muddy roads and mountain paths.

Power is supplied from a high speed brushless motor with a 500W rating. This high efficiency motor is alot quieter, smoother and lighter with an added ability to provide power to assist the riding.  It is able to deliver a pure electric mileage of over 19 miles as it utilizes an upgraded 36 V, 12.5AH lithium high density battery that has a service life of 400 to 600 cycles.

Lastly, it has a throttle and a powerful braking system that is safe and reliable and with the comfortable seats to sustain your ride.

Note: The height of the handlebar is not adjustable,and we do not recommend customers to modify them. If you need to refit, please go to a professional bicycle shop for help.

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Hammer Model.

Hammer ebikes Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Inspired by the motorcycles of the 70's this ebike has a vintage side to it. Retro fans and thrill seekers this is for you. It takes on bad and challenging terrains with its 750 W geared hub motor and its external 7-speed gear. So you see, powerful and rugged like the old school but environmentally friendly, low noise and good for your health.

For battery it prides itself on the 46W, 14AH high capacity lithium battery that gives up to 18 miles on pure electric power, 33 miles in pedal-assisted mode and a single service life of close to 600 cycles.

It has a LCD display where you can monitor all the parameters of the system as you ride along. The aluminum alloy frames are compact and lightweight. They hold the MOZO suspension system that are known to boost ride quality. The 4" wide tires and and the adjustable disk brake offer stability, good grip, safety and ride comfort.

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Rocket Model.

Rocket ebikes Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Indeed when you hear a rocket, you think of fast speed. The most intuitive feeling the Ecotric Rocket Electric Bike gives you is fast. It’s designed according to the golden ratio of ergonomic. The Angle of the upper and lower tubes makes the whole bike look like a rocket ready to launch. 

A distance of 30-54km can be effortlessly covered all thanks to the 500w brushless motor in the rear hub, integrated with a 7speed gear and the 36v/12.5ah removable lithium battery to provide electric energy. On this bike there are both a pedal assist and a throttle modes for easy movements.

It also has a front suspension and 26-inch fat tires that allow you to go wherever you want, regardless of road conditions. And significantly improve the comfort of riding. This is the perfect electric bike that looks awesome and feels even more awesome to ride.

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Dolphin Model. (Folding ebikes/Step-thru bike)

Dolphin ebikes Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Chubby, cute and flexible like its namesake the dolphin. This foldable bike features a 500 W brushless geared motor that is rightly paired with 4" fat tires that is capable of providing enough thrust, shock absorption and grip to enable you ply all types of roads and terrains quickly and easily.

For batteries, its 20" aluminum-alloyed frame houses a 36v, 12.5ah lithium battery that can take you from home to office quickly. The battery can last from 400 to 600 cycles with a range of 18-23 miles on pure electric power and up to 48 miles in pedal-assisted mode. It has a battery lock and power lock function to safely secure your ebike from theft and unauthorised use.

Other systems are the outage disk braking system and mechanical disk braking systems paired together to provide stopping power and safety where necessary. Power is transmitted with a 7-speed gear system. All combined together for a smooth riding experience.

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Leopard Model.

Leopard ebikes Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Slim, fast and aggressive like a leopard pursuing it's prey. Its good front suspension and stable body give you a great riding experience on the mountain and flat roads. Though the speed limits of this bike has been set to US federal government standards, speeds can be altered to match the local laws of other countries.

The battery has a good range of close to 54km based on how battery power is used. Battery is removable, and it comes with battery lock and power lock function. The 500 w brushless toothed rear hub motor, the strong shock absorbing front suspension fork and the shamano 7speed transmisssion are a standard. 

Lastly, the ride is silent and it comes with a LCD display so you can easily monitor your stuff.

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Tornado Model.

Tornado ebikes Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

The Ecotric Tornado Electric Bike is fascinating. You will be attracted by its extraordinary design in a single glance. But it's not just about the good-looks; it's much more practical— it is constructed using high-quality 6061 aluminum frame that performs excellently in both strength and weight. 

The bike maximizes shock absorption and reduces bumps on the road along with the front suspension and a newly designed central shock absorber. Moreover, there is no terrain that it can't conquer with its 750w motor.

Charging time of this bike is 6-7 hrs. It uses a 48v battery that delivers up to 20 miles of pure electric power at speeds of 26mph. The comfort and safety system of this bike are reliable. Why? Because all gears and shock absorbers are in place simply for that.

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Bison Model.

Bison ebikes Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Wild, strong and tough like a bison. Not only does it have a Mozo hydraulic shock suspension in the front, but it also has a high-performance shock absorber in the middle for a highly comfortable ride. And also equipped with a market rare 48V 17.6ah super-capacity lithium battery to let you unleash the real wild in your heart as long as you want. 

With this e-bike, you can ride comfortably on all types of terrains like sand, mud, dirt trails, tarmac, and even snow. There is nothing that can stop you from being a wild beast all thanks to the 1000w motor and solid tires to match. With efficient braking and suspension systems adding to the 4+" wear resistant tires what more do you need?.

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City Electric Bikes Models:

Starfish Model. (Folding ebikes/Step-thru ebikes)

Starfish ebike model Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

It is small, narrow, and foldable. Its upper tube and the handlebar stem can be folded. And it has an aluminum alloy frame which makes the whole bike very light but reliable. So it's easy to fold and easier to carry. It basically can be brought anywhere you want. 

Though as a city bike it comes with a much lower 350w motor, paired with its 36v battery. Its maximum speed is set at 15-18 mph which travels a max of 18.5 miles on pure electric power but can go longer distances if pedal-assisted. 

Notwithstanding, if you like extra features like the added fender and rack at the back for cargo those are included in this design. So, If you are looking for a convenient and portable bike at a good price, this would be the perfect one.

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Vortex Model.

Voltex ebike model Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Ecotric Vortex is an electric bicycle with super-high value at a competitive price. As its name, turn on the electric power and riding the 26" and 51.8 lbs Vortex through the city streets, you will be like a whirlwind in pedestrians' eyes. 

There are lots of features that are included in this design. There is the 350w gear motor, with pedal-assist and throttle control and a removable 36v lithium battery fixed in the middle of the frame. A 7-speed shimano transmission, a high efficiency mechanic braking system, a linear frame design with front and back fender and adjustable seats make it right for most city people.

From now on, commuting will no longer have you worrying about crowded buses, traffic jams, parking spaces, or being pressed for time. Instead, you'll have plenty of time to buy a cup of coffee to kick-start your day leisurely. 

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Lark Model. (Step-thru ebikes).

Lark ebike model Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

The design of this electric bike got it inspiration from the lark, which represents elegance and nobility. But for an e-bike, it also has the advantages of being feminine, functional, durable, and stylish, because its the ladies' ebike. The patented lark-like wing design is cleverly integrated into the e-bike as a shield to cover the battery, eliminating the case of a skirt or dress getting stuck in the rear wheel. 

Power is supplied from its 500w motor and its 26v battery. Though it requires a charge time of up to 7 hrs, you get 15-16 miles at a speed of 21-23 mph just from pure electric power alone. You also get front and back fenders matching that with a front basket and a back rake for added carrying capacity. Lastly, for this leisurely and smooth ride you get a LCD display for your bike monitoring pleasure.

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Seagull Model.

Seagull ebike Model Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Sturdy, durable, agile, and elegant in design, it captures the essence of a bird’s flight in every aspect. The unique straight sloping upper tube imitates the likes of a seagull ready to take off. It even has a front suspension, and it absorbs a lot of vibration from the ground. So whether you want to ride it for your daily commute or go camping or outings, there are not much options better than the Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Ebicycle.

On this bike you feel free and fast with its 1000w highly efficient motor and large 46 v battery that stores all the charging voltage from 6- 7hrs of charge. Though the design of this ebike is minimalist as it lacks fender and stuff, that does not stop it from delivering astounding results. It has a excellent braking system and a braking light indicator at the back of its comfortable seat. With this bike you can cover up to 22 miles in pure electric power with speeds of 26-28 mph.

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Peacedove Model. (Step-thru ebikes).

Peacedove ebike model Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

The peacedove is one of the ebikes that take comfort, functionality and style to another level. Made specially for city dwellers. You get lots of cool and interesting features that are sure to make you love it. Tell me who doesn't like the peace, quietness, lightness and freedom of the dove for a change.

For a start there is the 350w gear motor and the 7speed gear transmision that's enough to power your city rides. This is paired with a regular 36v lithium battery that stores enough energy for 400-600 cycles after 7 hrs charge. There is the V front brake and the rear disk brake that has a brake protection, brake and power-cut system all for your safety.

The seat are maxed for your comfort and leisurely rides. You have the pedal mode, pedal-assisted modes and the electric modes, three modes to play with. There is a LED display with a one key repair function. The power and battery lock function help keeps your bike for normal theft and misuse without your consent.

To top it off, added to all of these is the front and back fenders, the front basket and the back rack that will prove useful to you when are returning home from your shopping activity.

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Ebikes Accessories:

Ecotric Ebike Custom-made Replacement Accessories.

Ebikes accessories Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

Ecotric bikes has a wide range of replacement parts ready for your purchase if for any reason you need to replace any part of your bike. Parts like fender, batteries, chargers, racks, brake pads are available. However, they will always say that not all parts are posted on their site therefore, if you want to get any part that is not on the site you simply have to contact them and they will see to that. 

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General Ebike Accessories.

General Ebike accessories Ecotric electric bikes review- UniqueMag.

They have other accessories for sale beside the regular custommade parts. Items like ebike helmets, phone holders for bikes, saddle bags, spoke lights, baskets, passenger seats, portable thermal insulation bag and passworded folding lock. You should check out their collection you might discover a lot of cool stuff. 

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Ebikes Terminology and FAQ's.

Ebikes are an excellent investment for anyone who prefers to get their fitness workout in a fun and active way. With these bikes you can get to places time without worrying about holdups and traffic, which are very common in our cities. You save time and improve your wellbeing.

Off-Road ebikes are specifically made for offroad riding conditions like adventures, sports hunting and bike parking trips. They are more powerful than the regular bikes in terms of traction, moving force and structure design. Their power drive system are more powerful hence they come at higher price tags.

City Ebikes are made for those who live, work and roll in the city. They are built for city times, with aethetics and equipments for city rides and help you to conquer traffic. So if you want a to use your bike within the city you should consider these ones before your make a buying decisions.

Step thru bikes are bikes with a special addition- they feature a special mechanism that make getting on your bikes easier and faster. They are always smooth and elegant with the power you need for your ride so no worries concerning their capability.

Folding Ebikes are a electric bikes category based on structure features of the bike. They can be off road or city bike but their compact structural design make them different from their other types. These bikes are capable of saving space as they can be folded to up to half their size for storage during trips.

All of these seems good and well but there is something to take note off before making an ebike purchase or before riding one. I want you to make sure you know how your government take ebikes and what laws and license concerns their purchase and use so you can prevent any unwanted collision with the law.

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