8 Dogs and Cats Seat Belts to Consider Buying for Safe and Secured Car Outing and Trip.

Should you take your pets along with you for a ride in the first place? hmm...

Life is full of different thrills and tagging your dog or cat along for a ride or drive is meant to be one of them. We do have reason for various action we take. So, deciding to take you pet along for a ride shouldn't be something as simple as putting them in your car and zoom....

Dog on harness and dog without harness

Dogs and cats can really enjoy car trips. It can be source of fun and happiness and it can increase bonds between owner and pet. It may also bring to your notice awesome experiences you missed before then. And you begin to wonder was it always this awesome and no one told me? anyway now you have found out.

To experience pleasure in owner - pet drive date, proper preparations should be made before your pets can travel with you.

  • Make sure your pups and kittens are used to cars, its movement and sounds. Your pet shouldn't be nervous or scared as it might resist and the experience may not be pleasurable for both your pet and you.
  • Short trips or long trips. Its a the pet owner's duty to make sure the pet is conditioned to shorter trips before they can accompany you for longer ones. We know how exhausting trips can be so we better be prepared if we are to make it work.
  • Young pups and kittens should not travel often especially for long distances.
  • Make sure water is available for young and old pets during the trip. Its very important for you and your pet to stay hydrated during the trip especially in the warm season. So you should get a spill-proof bowl for your pets which you can use to supply water and food and which will also keep your car dry.

Shop this foldable waterproof nylon pet bowl here.

  • Be prepared to make frequent stops during that trip. Regular stops at intervals should be considered since it's not a bad idea to allow your dog(and you) stretch its limbs and sniff around a bit during the trip.
  • Picking a secure pet car accessories. After its all said and done you should shop for dog and cat seatbelts, pet car harness, crate or mats to bring along for your car travel. It should securely hold your pet in place and make sure your car interior is also protected in case of involuntary or unintentional pet accidents - you know what I mean.
  • Make sure your windows are closed or your dogs are firmly secured. Because some dogs like riding their face in the wind which is dangerous and can get you fined.
  • Lastly, you should not leave your dog alone in the car for no reason during the trip.

With that out of the way make sure to check out the buying guide for pet harness and other pet accessories for car trips at the end of the products list.

My picks of Best car seat belts for dogs and cats

1. Pidog Adjustable Safety Seatbelt with Elastic Bungee Leach.

Pidog adjustable safety dog seat belt for car autotechstore

This Pidog adjustable pet car seatbelt is designed to keep your dog or cat restrained and secured as you drive. This elastic bungee leach allows your pet to assume any position that it is comfortable with - lying, sitting or standing. It is easy to use as it is conpartable with lots of cars. And it is constructed with durable materials that can handle years of use.

Check it.

2. Mighty Paw Safety Harness Leach with Seatbelt Straps.

Mighty Paw Safety Harness Leach with Seatbelt Straps autotechstore

Available in black, green, red and blue this Mighty Paw safety seatbelt with harness combination does not just keep your pet secured it can also function as a regular dog harness which makes it different from other seatbelts. Other pros are easy transition from car to walk, lightweight and breathable mesh, quality construction and availability in variety of sizes.

Check it.

3. Rechargeable Glowing Seatbelt for Dogs and Cats.

Rechargeable glowing seat belt for dogs and cats autotechstore

This rechargeable pet seatbelt is quite unique in its category. It is a super durable, polyester fabricated glowing seat belt with three lighting mode - flashing, slow flash and constant lighting with a camo background. On purchase it comes with a operation guide on how to use it. Notwithstanding, it is easy to use and can hold various sizes of dogs and cats due to its quality construction which is not easily breakable.

Check it.

4. 2 Pack: Bwogue Dog and Cat Car Seatbelt.

2 Pack: Bwogue dog and cat seat belt autotechstore

Straying away from the regular seatbelt styled dog safety strapes the Bwogue pet seatbelt is made to anchor on the head rest. Made with some of the sturdiest nylon materials, it can safely and firmly hold your dog or cat in quite a number a situations especially during turns. It is extendable so it allows your pet to comfortably assume any rest position it wants.

Check it.

5. 2 Pack: Multipurpose Pet Safety Car Seatbelt.

2 Pack: Multipurpose pet safety belt autotechstore

Another unique car pet belt in the works. Coming in twos the 2 - pack multipurpose safety belt takes away the need of getting a harness and a seatbelt. The two belts can be combined together to form a harness and can also be used separately to safely secure your dog or car. It allows your pet to confortably lay down, sit or stand. 

Check it.

6. Adjustable Pet Harness Seatbelt.

Adjustable pet harness seat belt autotechstore

With this adjustable harness seatbelt you can safely secure that guy who always wants to get in the front seat with you. This nylon fabricated pet belt can be trusted in terms of durability and grip strenth. Also, it is quite easy to set up and its adjustability makes it fairly capable of holding and securing any size of cat or dog. 

Check it.

7. Dodopet Adjustable Car Traction Seatbelt.

Dodopet adjustable car traction seat belt autotechstore

This beautiful seat belt from Dodopet can be a worthy choice for those who prefer seat straps that anchors in the seat belt lock of most cars. It is really easy on your pet without compromising on safety and security which is evident in its thickened webbing and zinc alloy belt lock.

Check it.

8. Pet Car Safety Lead Travel Strap.

Pet car safety lead travel strap autotechstore

To round up this list is the KCASA safety lead strap. This braided safety pet seat belt is available in blue, red, black, orange and purple - that is a lot of colors to pick from. It is also easy to setup and use and it is adjustable so you can give a enough allowance that is comfortable and ideal for your pet.

Check it.

Buying Guide for Shopping Pet Car Harness and Straps, Pet Carriers for Trips and Pet Mats.

In the car, transporting your pups, going to the park or going for a visit with your favorite companion, there are some necessary car accessory to make your journey easy, safe and comfortable for you and your pet.  For some of you who prefer taking your dogs and cats out for a ride with you in the car instead of leaving them at home, I have prepared this shopping guide to show you what you should look out for when shopping for your pet's safety straps and accessories.

Strap or no strap.

Some pet owners may prefer that their pet are not encumbered by unnecessary stuffs so they are granted liberty to do whatever they want in the car during the trip. Other pets cats especially hate leaches and leads since they are not accustomed to it. So it become necessary for these owners to consider other options when they plan to take their pets for a ride. Stuffs like pet carriers, mats and pet crates can really come in handy here as they can secure your pet and keep your car clean during the trip.

Size concern.

Pet safety products come in variety of sizes for different breeds. You should buy puppy sized harness for puppies and bigger sizes for adults or bigger breeds. Proper measurement and sizing should be done before any purchase is made so you do not go through stress trying to return your purchase. 

Comfortability and materials.

Confortable and breathable is the order of the game here. Since various materials are used in the fabrication of these products, you should make sure the materials and design of these harness is comfortable for your cats and dogs. Your pets should not be irritated or spooked by the design and build of these pet car accessories.


Dog lead in various colors

Shop this running dog lead here.

Proper color theme and contrast can really bring out the beauty in your fur friend. You should carefully select the color for your pet harness and seatbelt so it can really compliment your pet's looks and you should pick something that is easier to maintain and can be used for longer time before cleaning preferably black or brown. But if color is not as important for you, you may pick any one you want.


Should you pick a adjustable pet car harness and belt is up to you. Being adjustable means it can be used to size up you pet even after it has grown a bit so you use it for a longer time. Unadjustable types are for a single pet size so when your pet grows it may be required that you shop for another pet harness. So if you feel you need an harness and belt that will last for longer time you should opt of adjustable ones.

Ease of use.

Pet car seatbelts are to be easy to use. You and your pet shouldn't be struggling to put the it to full use. Your pet should easily slip in and out of the its harness and strap - with you opening the hooks before that.

Best Pet Car Accessory.

Pet harness, leads or leash.

Dog harness and cat harness and pet supplies

Shop beautiful and durable harness for dogs and cats and others pet supplies here.

Harness for pets are available in 3 major types - H type, vest-style harness and the figure 8 holsters. Harness are really the best options in this range for pet movements as most of the time the pet is firmly kept in place.Similarly, leads and leashes are also available to keep your pet in place but not secured during motion and I think that is definitely risky. 

Why? because car pet seat belt straps are anchored on head rest, hooks etc so, sudden movement might cause your pet to fall down and if its head is in an anchored lead or leash that can badly damage your pet's neck due to a fall or motion. Hence, it is best to strap dogs with good pet car harness or short leads and leashes.

Each of these pet accessories are available in various materials - fabrics, leather, metal and other materials. Hence it is necessary for per owners to make sure they study their fur friends and know the best and most reliable material that will be better and superconfortable for them.

Pet harness can leave your car open to be messed up by your pets and stubborn or nervous pet might distract you while you drive. This can be really dangerous for both you and your pet. Hence, it is best for trained and well groomed pets.

Pet carriers for car travels

This is also an excellent option for conveying your pet along with you. Pet carriers offer the best of both worlds. These carriers are made available in various materials, size and design styles. Based on size and design car crate for pet can be secured in the booth or on your car seat.

Dog and cat carriers autotechstore

Shop beautiful and quality pet carriers here

It really frees your pet from inconveniencing straps, safely secures them in an enclosure and keep your car in good conditions. It really is the best for untrained dogs and puppies as they can be stubborn and are easily spooked by certain situation. With your pets in its carriers or crates you will not have to deal with your pet distracting you or messing up your car and fabrics in every ride. Although it takes up a lot of space it is a worthy option.

Pets mats for car trips.

For properly trained pets or pets who don't like carriers and strapes you might want to opt for car mats instead. These are blanketlike carpets or rugs you place on your car floor or car seats for your pets to sit on or lie on. They come in various types, sizes and material designs for better functionality and comfort for your pet car trips. It offers maximum freedom and movement for your pets. And it helps protect your car and seats for unintentional or involuntary discharges or mess  by your pet.

Dog and cat car mats autotechstore

Shop for waterproof and durable pet mats here.

However, your pets are not properly secured in this setup and it can really be harmful in case of any unplanned events since its only good for short trips. An untrained pet might decide to run out immediately the doors are opened or those with strong prey drive might decide to jump out at the site of a rabbit and these can lead to accidents.

Pet lead with torch light autotechstore

Shop this pet extendable lead with touch.

In all, when taking your pets out for a ride it is very necessary that matters pertaining to safety and comfort are properly addressed. Things can get very foul quickly when your pet is not properly groomed or not used to riding in cars. Hence, pets should be properly trained and prepped for the ride so everyone can be happy, comfortable and safe.

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