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As we continue the transition to the cashless financial market, it is worthy to note that those tiny cards we call smartcard have played a not-so-little roll in helping us forward. Nowadays, many of us can't even imagine those days without credit card. The value of those little card are immeasurable. 

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag

Take companies like VISA and MasterCard for example most of their business are based on this little card with a microchip and black band that makes lots of transaction possible from many a places. And for us who have one or two cards in our possession we can testify to the ease and help these cards have been to us, especially for purchases and transactions.

Why We Have to Secure Our cards.

Having known the crucial roles these things play, it is necessary we take sufficient measures to keep them safe and secured. A casual loss if not rectified promptly can really be a problem for the owner as anyone with enough tech to access your account can help you make a good use of your funds hoping you don't need them. 

The amount of personal information in those little things are not to be trifled with. According to some security experts, 80% of credit cards are in one way or another compromised. So we have to handle them with care to prevent loss and breach of security by others, especially if the accounts the cards are linked to, are worth much to our life.

Preventing loss is one aspect of keeping your cards safe. Another part is making sure that their are rightly stored in a dedicated card holding purse or pack, as a little misuse can damage them for good. 

Having a card holder or a regular purse with zippers and a dedicated slot keeping your card is therefore necessary so you have nothing to worry about. I know most will not like to go through the stress of getting and re-registering a new card because the old card broke.

Also, a certain card scanning tech has recently caught my attention - the longrange card readers or you can call them RFID scam. I don't know much about it, but I am researching about that. 

From what I know this card reader is utilized by fraudsters to scan your card, that card that is in your pocket is read without your knowledge and the result is an access to your funds in your account. 

How they breach the card security is easy once they can put two and two together. So you see that taking conscious steps to secure your cash and protect yourself from this kinds of unexpected loss is paramount. Who wants an alert of cleared accounts, empty of all funds that was previously held in that account. I can't imagine the feeling.

Why We Need Card Wallets.

In the light of the forgoing you can see enough reasons why we need a card purse, especially those ones that prevent those RFID scanners from successfully scanning your cards. Getting a card holder purse helps you secure all your cards in a single place where you can easily access them at any point in time and keep them away from frauds.

A card wallet easily organizes your card in a single case where you can access them at anytime. No more searching for your card everywhere, you can easily find and use them. There will also be limited incidence of broken cards due to unintentionally sitting on it. 

Card wallet also make a convenient way to store your cards away from dust and scratches that might damage the chips on it.

Besides your credit cards, you can also use card wallets for keeping a little cash, some coins and also your business cards or id cards, making it one of the most essential travel bags or accessories.

And you know what, most card wallets come cheap and can serve you for long time. So that little investment upfront saves you from a major financial heartbreak down the line.

20 Best Credit Card Holding Wallet Review.

  • 26 Slots RFID Card Wallet.
  • Baellery Business Card Holder.
  • Casekey Card Holder Wallet.
  • DKER Card Bag.
  • Huawei Mate20 Duks Case With Card Slot
  • Elastic Wallet Pulling Bag.
  • All Metal Business Card Holder.
  • Automatic Leather Card Holder.
  • 12 Buckle Key Bag.
  • Laoshizi Card and Cash Wallet.
  • Men's Card Holder Trifold Wallet.
  • Weizier Wallet.
  • Newbring Aluminum Credit Card Holder.
  • Genuine Leather Anti-RFID Card Wallet.
  • Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder.
  • Slim Leather Card Case.
  • New-Bring Updated Card Holder.
  • Zeeker Business Card Holder - 1.
  • Zeeker Business Card Holder - 2.
  • Metal Business Card Holder.

26 Slots RFID Card Wallet.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
To begin with our list is the 26 slots card wallet that is ideal for storing most of your cards. Business cards, credit cards, id cards, driving license etc. This card wallet can hold up to 26 cards at a time. That's much if I would say.

Made in PU leather and lined with PVC material. This wallet has anti-RFID brushed foils at the front and back. The foils wrap round the purse and are held firmly by a double rivet fix. The foils are used for the design of this purse so that your credit cards are secured from fraudsters and skimmers. You can simply hold in your hand or put in your bag and have nothing to worry about.

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Baellery Business Card Holder.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
This stylish men's wallets does alot both by safekeeping your credit card, cash and lots of other valuables. The scan protection device is inbuilt in the wallets interior. Notwithstanding the compact size this wallets can keep alot of stuff for you.

Up to 4 colors are available for you to make a pick. All wallets of this model nomatter the color are made from high quality PU leather and a good quality wear resistant lining. As a major attraction this wallet has a special features like a tiny mechanism which you simply pull and it slides out all your stored cards for easy access. This saves you both time and energy.

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Casekey Card Holder Wallets.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
This holder wallet is crafted in high quality carbon fiber and aluminum that is light and convenient all for your use. This stylish wallet is extra slim but with a large capacity that can store up to 25cards and up to 15 bills. Light but capable. There are up to four available colors for this design.

Talking about design and operation this wallet is anti-RFID on a norm, so all your credit cards are safe with you. Also, it has a special cut underneath where you simply push so you can bring up your cards anytime you want. There is an added hook clip at the side, with which you can firmly hold or grip your pocket.

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DKER Card Bag.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
Light and easy with lots of spaces to carry your cards, the DKER credit card wallet is one convenient piece. It is made in breathable, flexible and moisture-proof PVC and carbon fiber with a nice pattern to match. But only available in black color. I think that is the best color choice for this design.

Although, there are no smart hooks and stuff, the design of this item makes it very easy for you to have access to all your stuffs in it. There is the transparent inner pocket for your driver's licenses and an outer pocket to store all type of credit cards.

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Huawei Mate20 Duks Case With Card Slot.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
This is a 3in1 phone case design that incorporates a normal phone case and a card holder slot for you at the back of your phone. This is only available for Huawei mate20 users. Aside from the card slot inclusion, this case comes with lots of other design benefits available for your phone.

There is an antiskid and shockproof protection for your device. It has just the proper thickness and curve to fit your phone. All parts like the camera, power and volume buttons are perfectly fitted. You don't need to take off the casing especially, if you want to charge, because all openings all align for easy use.

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Elastic Wallet Pulling Bag.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
This simple and stylish card and key wallet is made from canvas material. It is an elastic bag design that can hold up to 6 cards at a time, and an external ring to hold your keys. There are up to 3 pockets for your day to day card need.

The exquisite design of this wallet really shines in the sewing and construction of this item. There a special pocket for cards you regularly use so that when you want to bring out that card you simply have to pull a strap at the back and the card slides out effortlessly. In all this quite a nice stuff.

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All Metal Business Card Holder.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
This design is manufactured in aluminum and plastic - light and strong. This construction is sturdy despite the slimness and elegance. Durability is not an issue here as this holder can serve you for quite a long time. And it is very comfortable in your pockets.

It has RFID blocking capabilities to secure your cards. As a minimalist wallet it can take close to 6 cards and it has a loop by the side which is for holding it with your fingers or your key chains. Anyway you want.

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Automatic Leather Card Holder.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
In black and brown shades comes this male and female credit card wallet that is crafted in high quality Italian cow leather. Elegantly designed for special ones like you, this is both lightweight, compact and comfortable. All-in-one. There is also a large capacity for carrying along both cards and cash in this wallet.

Aside from all the beauty, this cool wallet has a dedicated card slot that is covered in RFID blocking casing. So, you can be rest assured. And lastly, there is a cool stuff beneath the card slot that with a press your cards slides out. Is that not cool? For me that's the right one.

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12 Buckle Key Bag.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
When it comes to keeping not just your cards but also your keys safe this purse is a reliable choice. You get blue, black and coffee colors to choose from if you think of getting one for yourself or a friend. Its quite a simple design without unnecessary additions that don't add to function.

This wallet was crafted  from napa cow leather using the kind of leather design expertise that comes from experience. So with this you get a wallet that is simple and solid in construction, has lots of capacity to hold both cards and keys, soft and wear resistant and quite goodlooking too but, with no RFID blocking.

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Laoshizi Card And Cash Wallet.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
This wallet is a retro styled wallet made with genuine leather. It combines its beauty and design with matching black and coffee shades. Not that small and not too big, it is just perfect for keeping your cards, cash and what ever stuff that can be kept in a purse of such a size.

For added safety there is the RFID blocking material as part of this design so you don't lose on such a beauty. There is a regular zip closure and lots of pockets available to keep all your stuffs properly organized and safe for when you need them.

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Men's Card Holder Trifold Wallet.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
Coming in shades of black and brown is this profile wallet that takes style and functionality to another level. This design has lots of things going for it. First, it is made in soft genuine leather. Then, it has that advantage of not been out of place when you are in a business or casual outfit.

When you talk about capacity this singular wallet has a main pocket, coin slot, photo pocket and lots, I mean a lot of card slots. Its foldable so it is not an inconvenience as you can easily slide it into your pocket. And if that is not what you want, it comes with a key chain that you can use to hook it up with anything. It is all up to you to chose.

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Weizier Wallet.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
The weizier wallet is a bit on the longer size of things, so you cannot slide this into your pocket and expect to walk comfortably. The dimension of this leather purse are quite a good thing. And with that size comes a lot of space that can really come in handy at crucial times.

It weighs about 180g for its size and it has on the inside, 13 card slots, 2 cash pockets and a zipper compartment. At this length, the zipper compartment can hold most phones. So you can hold most of your stuff here. Your bills, credits cards, phones and other stuffs without having to be space conscious.

Colors available are black, brown and khaki.

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New-Bring EDC Aluminum Credit Card Holder.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
Solid design meets a multipurpose functionality. This men's wallet has quite a lot of that integrated into its design and build. For both color and structure, it is available in solid black and gray colors and there are no annoying edges.

There is sufficient RFID protection here.  Adding to that is a USB slot for real data storage, a key chain ring for key chains, card slot for your credit or business cards, money clip for a few notes and a bottle opener. Wow.

However, with all this functionality this stuff is still very compact, quite light and easy to take along, thanks to its aluminum frame and construction. 

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Genuine Leather Anti-RFID Card Wallet.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
RFID secured, thinner and lighter this card wallet is poised to deliver excellent results when duty calls. Here you don't have to worry about cards missing as it can hold your cards for a single one to multiple ones safely without any falling off. Its not every time you get to see a triplefold wallet of this size and quality. You get this gift worthy item in black color only.

Excellent construction from high quality, dirt-resistant and durable genuine leather paired with reasonable space for your bank cards, currency notes and coins. There is also a button that you push to slide out all your cards for you to easily pick the one you need. Lastly, this wallet is compact, easy to use and easy to carry.

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Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
A smooth, cool, fashionable and lightweight stainless steel designed card holder. This item can hold quite a number of cards within its compact structure and also protect what's inside from dust, water, scratches etc

Its quite easy to use and operate due to its size, easy open and closing. There is also a RFID block. So, besides keeping your cash and cards safe from weather conditions, it also protects your cards from electronic pickpockets who might want to rip you of your cash, and leave them disappointed. Colors available are black and silver.

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Slim Leather Card Case.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
Instead of slim, I should write super slim here. This is easily the most smallest and lightest card holder on this list at just 48g for weight. This stuff can be in your pocket and you will not feel any weight at that point. It is made in genuine leather and you can get it in red, black and dark blue colors. All your choice.

For capacity it can keep up to 7 cards max at a time. That is quite alot for a small card case. However, its small size does not compromise on quality as it is still anti-RFID enough, to keep all your accounts and cash in your cards safe from credit card skimmers who might be lurking around waiting for their next victim.

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New-Bring Updated Card Holder.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
Coming from NewBring is this nice looking high quality carbon fiber cardholder. This cardholder is quite unique in its design. The curves, solid built smoothness all come together to give a quality case. It is compact enough and can fit into your pockets with ease.

You can easily store and retrieve your cards from the two compartments that comes with the holder. You get a complete protection as your cards are completely protected from fallen off and they also protected from RFID scams. There is also an elastic nylon band as a added storage on the exterior of the case where you can easily slot in your bills to keep them and can easily retrieve when necessary.

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Zeeker Business Card Holder - 1.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
Personally, I like this design. I love the creative thinking that went into making this stuff. There are black, blue, grey and red colors of this item available for the taking. But I think the black is quite something of a masterpiece. The card holder was crafted from aviation grade aluminum for front case and stainless steel for back case.

It can hold as many as 15 cards in its card compartment and you can easily slide out your cards. Not only that, there is a attachment ring for your keys and also a cord with which you can use to carry the card holder with you as you move. Slim, comfortable, lite and beautiful all for you.

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Zeeker Business Card Holder - 2.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
Coming from Zeeker is this nice business card holder that has a creative edge to it. Although, I don't love this as the first one, this one is no doubt unique in itself. While the first is aluminum and steel, this one is also in aviation grade aluminum and plastic. And it comes in red, blue, orange and black color.

Due to its small size it can take close to 8 cards, 5 notes, 3 coins and 2 keys. Small and light but durable and strong. There is the RFID security for your credit cards and a added external band to hold your cash. With this you can store and retrieve your cards with just a single action.

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Metal Business Card Holder.

20 Best credit card wallets and card holder UniqueMag
To end this list, is the Metal business card holder. It looks a bit like the Zeeker card holder -2, but with an added twist. It is available in all black and a black + silver mix. There is a added cover on the metal casing to keep it from scratches and wears. A ring for a linyard or a keychain if your prefer to hold it in your hands or hook it up in your pants.

It has RFID blocking materials, compact enough to stay unnoticed in your pockets, and can keep quite a number of cards both in the inner slots or the outer slot. Also, you can easily take out your card if you want to carry out any transaction at any time.

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Additional Insight for Credit Card Wallet Reviews.

Cards wallets help you organize your banking cards and other cards in a single, simple, safe and lightweight, all-in-one design. You can access any card you want or you can take the whole pack with you and you won't feel anymore weightier or inconvenient.

For many of us getting a normal wallet without the metal casing but with or without the RFID is enough protection we need. They are more lightweight when compare to the metal casing types available on the market.

However, for max protection and other multi use perks, you might as well get the card holding wallet with the metal casing. Then you will be rest assured that the skimming and scanning of your card will not be an easy task. I have noticed that people who know the value of a thing will know what length is neccesary to make sure those things are safe and secured.

Other Important Things to Consider When You Own and Use a Smart Card.

  • Do not keep your cards in your regular money wallets if you frequent places with large crowds.
  • Before you make use of your cards check for skimmers or perhaps people with strange comportments.
  • Always be in the moment and not absentminded any time you are making a moneytry transaction, either deposits or withdrawals with your cards.
  • Leave cards you will not be using at home.
  • Keep track of your account statements.
  • Regularly check your online shopping accounts and make sure they are protected through the necessary steps.
  • Get a good card holder wallet. As you read in this article card wallets comes in different styles and designs so you can pick the best option for yourself.
  • And lastly, never give anyone your card's information over the phone if he/she is a person you don't trust or know.

Be safety conscious. Always.

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