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How long can you go in a day without something cold? Probably not for long. What is a trip or event without a freezer or refrigerator to handle the cooling needs?

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We all love cold drinks or water especially during the afternoon and period of intense works. We love to preserve things especially food as we cannot be cooking or buying out anytime we wanna eat something - time consuming.

Refrigerators has made it possible for us to access these privileges and it also keeps our food fresh for long. Food and fruits that go bad easily can be preserved for longer time.

However, we know that not everyone has the privilege to get a deep freezer or a standard size refrigerator (some are expensive), and those can only serve at home, in our shops or others. Hence, the need for an alternative.

Portable refrigerators can serve a variety of purposes. You are going for camping, traveling, attending/hosting an event (house party) or on boat trips these products can serve you to your satisfaction. Also, no more buying of ice blocks for your coolers, those days are long gone.

Now with these, your cooling and preservation needs are covered.

Top Picks of Portable Refrigerators for you.

Best car refrigerator used for camping and events wheeledparadise

Planning for a trip will be easier when you have the drinking and eating taking care of. Keeping drinks chilled for your house parties and backyard barbeques will not be a problem anymore as these portable refrigerator offer very essential features such as low energy consumption, energy saving mode, temperature memory, low voltage protection and can function without consideration of power sources. 

Planning for events won't be difficult as these portable freezers coldness can last up to 10 hours after loss of power supply. Making ice creams and fruits available for Junior when he needs them won't be a problem. No more frequent stops at ice cream and fruits shops as you can now buy in more quantity and preserve it.

20 Quart (18L) Portable Car Freezer/ Refrigerator.

Best mini car freezer and refrigerator wheeledparadise blogspot
20 quart portable car freezer and refrigerator.

This 20Quart 18L portable refrigerator is on the smaller side(mini portable refrigerator). But that does not stop it from meeting up to demands. Its smaller size comes with the advantage of requiring little space and - it is in. Be it your car or your room or anywhere.

Best mini car freezer specs wheeledparadise blogspot

Features and Benefits:

  • Low power consumption and energy saver.
  • Fast cooling.
  • Enough space for your ice cream, drinks etc.
  • Portable enough to fit in your car, truck or boat.
  • Can be powered by your car, truck, boat due to low power consumption.
  • Multiple temperature range that can be set to match the specific item you want to preserve.
  • Longer cool stand time.
  • Durable construction.

Best for: going on personal trips or for use in your car.

Best mini car freezer power consumption data wheeledparadise blogspot

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This 18L portable refrigerator/freezer only need 15mins to go from 77°F to 32°F. The 57x32x28.5 cm sized car refrigerator is made to carry the only prioritize stuffs, because of its size. With it you can probably take things like ice creams for the family and some drinks along for each outing.

Top best mini freezer built for vacations and trips wheeledparadise blogspot

Also, it has temperature memory which resets the temperature immediately power is back on. Its low energy requirements make sure your car's battery is not overworked. And, it comes with a low voltage protection technology which guarantees protection during power fluctuations.

Best mini car freezers with insulator casing wheeledparadise blogspot

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26 Quart (25L) Portable Freezer/ Refrigerator.

Best mini car freezer and refrigerator wheeledparadise blogspot
26 quart portable car freezer.

This 26 quart portable freezer is the immediate kin to the 20 Quart portable refrigerator as it is a bit bigger. And with the size comes more functionality and versatility. It can serve you anywhere of your choice.

Features and benefits:
  • Rapid cooling.
  • Led touchscreen control for easy use.
  • Low noise.
  • Convenient to carry and saves space.
  • Battery protection for your car to prevent battery rundown.
  • Quality construction.
  • Firm grip underneath to prevent slip.
  • Long service life.

This 24.7 pounds(weight), 35x24.6x27.4cm size car refrigerator has the battery protection and energy saver mode with fast cooling mode which you get to set with its soundly made led touchscreen control. 

Best mini car freezer cables wheeledparadise blogspot

It come with both an AC cord and a DC cord. It small size takes up less space and it also has good heat dissipating ability that do not affect the refrigeration.

Best mini car freezer wheeledparadise blogspot

Best for: going on personal vacations or lovers retreat.
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Best mini car freezer and refrigerator casing wheeledparadise blogspot

42 Quart (40L) Portable Car Freezer/ Refrigerator.

Best car refrigerators and freezers wheeledparadise blogspot
42 quart portable refrigerator and freezer.

For those who may think that the 20Q and 26Q portable refrigerator lack enough space to handle what you intend to use the refrigerator for. Then consider the 42 Quart 40 L size car refrigerator.
Do not be deceive by the size. This one can be powered using electricity from your car, solar, your home etc.

Best car refrigerator energy saving mode wheeledparadise blogspot

Features and Benefits:
  • Home use.
  • Camping and traveling needs.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Large space for all your yummies, veggies, meats,etc.
  • Temperature control so as to maintain optimal freshness and nutrients in your food stuffs.
  • Low noise.
  • Durable materials and construction.
This also has the fast cooling feature. It has the 3 stage battery protection setup for your car's battery protection. It comes with an AC/DC unit so you can power it anywhere.

Interior of best car refrigerator/freezer wheeledparadise blogspot

Check out this in depth review on the 42 quart portable refrigerator/car freezer here.
Best for: meetings and longer vacations.

53 Quart (50L) Portable Refrigerator for Home and Outdoors.

Capacity of best car refrigerator/freezer wheeledparadise blogspot

This is the largest in this product line. Its more on the big side and less on the portable side (maxi-portable refrigerator). I consider this the  better deal you want to know why?

Best quality car refrigerator wheeledparadise blogspot

With the 53 quart portable freezer a week worth of food and drinks can be packed. That means longer vacation experience and family time well spent. It comes with two cords for AC and DC power sources. The refrigerator has two compartment and a temperature control function for better temperature control and freshness of foods and fruits preserved in it. 

Compartments of best car refrigerator wheeledparadise blogspot

Features and benefits:
  • With this you can actually pack lots of stuffs which translates to longer vacations and more thrills.
  • Anti-shock and anti-shake for bumpy rides.
  • Quality build.
  • For home and trips.
  • Low noise.
  • Low energy need and consumption.
  • Led touch.
  • Temperature control.
  • Retains coldness for longer duration.
Best for: Home use or longer family vacations.

Outdoor use of best car maxi refrigerator wheeleparadise blogspot
Outdoors use.

Check out the 53 quart portable refrigerator review to know more.
So if you are active and on the go you should check it up and pick which is it that matches your needs. 

Backyard barbeque while using the best car freezer to keep the drinks chilled wheeledparadise blogspot

Be it an outdoor party, backdoor barbeque, meetings, trips, or your home these products are ready to serve.

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What to look out for when buying a portable refrigerator.
  • Quality construction should be a major requirement. It's no use buying something that won't last or has a shabby construction. So be sure of what you are getting before you spend your money.
  • Power saving-mode feature. What is a portable car freezer without an energy saver? It's a home fridge. Energy saving mode is necessary for proper functionality when you use your car as a power source.
  • AC/DC cables are a must. It's a given that all portable refrigerator must come with cables for both AC power source and DC power source.
  • Ease of transportation. Anything portable is not to be bulky and it must be convenient to move around. This is a very important characteristic for car refrigerators.
  • Lastly, it must be what you want and what meets your requirements.
See you.

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