17 Low Cost Multipurpose Car Mounts On The Market Right Now.

Are you tired of having to hold your phone as you navigate, make calls or use your phone while driving? Knowing the risk associated with divided attention while driving, it goes without saying that car mounts are necessary for car owners and users.

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What are car phone mounts.

They are car accessories that helps in holding our phones, so we can communicate and use the GPS for navigation easily and conveniently especially for drivers whose rides has no inbuilt navigation and communication system.

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A good car mount can also help car owners in lots of other ways. Aside from the pretty obvious features and uses stated above, here are some of the importance of car mounts.

  • It frees our hands for driving. We know how unsafe it is to drive while operating our devices but with mounts for phones we can focus on driving better.
  • It help hold our phones when we want to watch a movie or play games. This feature is for passengers, a driver can't watch a movie while driving. A good passenger phone mount can really increase positive user experience as it brings to them hands free interesting content for their pleasure and luxury.
  • It increase the lifespan of our devices, as it prevent it from falling repeatedly. Having nothing to hold your device when driving, can severely damage your phone and car - depending on where your keep it. 
  • Convenience, as we don't have to take out our phones out of our pocket or purse anytime a call comes in. When your phones are mounted, it becomes easy to answer calls, respond to messages etc without having to inconvenient yourself searching for your phone.
  • Wireless and fast charging. It's a common knowledge that most car mounts offer fast and wireless charging which keeps our devices juiced up anytime it is mounted.
  • and so on.

So, we have gathered some of the best car mounts for phones available in the market so you can confidently pick the one that suits your phone, your car and your need. As, not all car mounts are created the same, it becomes mandatory to know the types of mounts available and how they function, they're pros and cons and how to use them efficiently which we will discuss in this article.

Check out our buying guide for picking the best car phone mounts.

The 17 Top Car Mounts for Phones.

1. Joytutus 15W Car Mount with QI Magnetic Charging.

Joytutus car mount review wheeledparadise

The Joytutus 15W wireless charging car mount is easy to install for a wide variety of car vents. It features a 3-way silicon-padded clamp that holds your phone in place no matter the width. A super fast charging and auto clamp with a touchscreen release function. It is 360° rotatable to give you the best and comfortable viewing position for perfect driving experience.

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2. Universal Windscreen Clip Car Mount.

Universal windscreen clip car mount review wheeledparadise

This universal windshield clip car mount has a suction base with which you mount on your dashboard or windscreen. With the 360° adjustable ball joint you can place your phone horizontally and vertically and at any angle you like. The clamps at padded with silicon to prevent wears on your phone's surface. The only downside is that wireless charging feature is not available.

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3. Rearview Mirror Car Mount for Phones.

Rearview mirror car mounts for phones review wheeledparadise

This car phone mount features a unique design different from the regular vent and dashboard mounts we see. This mount actually hinges on the rearview mirror while allowing maximum visibility for you. It can be use on quite a number of rear mirrors no matter the thickness except curved edge rearview mirrors. The extendable arm absorbs vibration on bumpy roads. It's clamps can fit most phones available on the market and it's 360° range allow for optimal and safe driving.

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4. QI Certified Air Vent Mount with Wireless Charging.

QI certified air vent mount review wheeledparadise

This Colbaltx cradle mount allows you to conveniently slip in and take out your phones when you make use of your mount. It has a detector that prevents overheating when charging and using your phone to guarantee long phone life. Its three way clamps firmly grips your devices, as it's non slip hook grips the vent so your don't have to worry about your phone slipping or falling off while driving. Its clamps can extend up to 5" so it fits lots of phone brands.

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5. Universal Headrest Car Mount for Tablets and Smartphones.

Universal headrest car mount for tablets and smartphones review wheeledparadise

This universal headrest car mount for tablets is for passenger use. It offers a safe and hands free solution for your family or passengers to mount their phones so they can comfortably watch movies or play games. It can fit all headrest with its easy to install rubberized handles that firmly grips the pillar of the headrest. You can place your device vertically or horizontally and it also can be adjusted to any angle of your choice.

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6. Poleet Car Phone Holder.

Poleet car mounts for phones review wheeledparadise

This Poleet air vent car mount is available in two styles. Its base is solidly built to firmly grip the vent fins for a stable hold. It can hold a variety of cell phones with its three way clamp. This ball joint allows for 350° rotation and your phone can be placed vertically or horizontally. Not only is it a good choice due to its cabin fiber build, it can also be used in a wide variety of automobiles and even ships.

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7. Universal CD Slot Car Mounts for Phones.

Universal cd slot car phone holder review wheeledparadise

For those who have never seen a CD slot mount before am sure you are surprised. This car phone holder is mounted on your CD slot. But you can actually play your music while it is mounted. It offers a 360° rotation for perfect  viewing angle. It is a solid screw based design with an extendable clamp for up to 4.6" to hold your phones or another device with a one button function to easily mount or unmount your phone.

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8.  Universal Long Neck Car Mount.

Universal long neck car mount

This car mount is a suction based type mount that you can easily fix on your windshield or your dashboard. With an extendable arm of up to 6" and a 360° rotation you can easily position it for a safer ride. Easy maintenance with a simple wash and dry. But you should try as mush as possible to not expose to the sun and this mount may not function well on vinyl and leather surfaces.

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9. BENHONG Universal Car Mount.

Benhong universal car mount review wheeledparadise

This BENHONG car mount which is available in silver and black colors can be installed in two ways - suction cup and air vent hold. The suction cup can be placed on the dashboard or windshield. The joint structure and flexible arm build allows this car phone mount to conform to whatever position you want it to assume. Hence, your can mount your phone easily and put it to use without having to strain your neck in the process. And with the strength to hold up to 1.5 liters of water all fear about your devices dropping suddenly is allayed.

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10. Foldable Multifunctional 3.0" - 9.7" Car Dashboard Mount.

Foldable multifunctional dashboard mount wheeledparadise

This foldable multifunctional mount is made with a washable and reusable silica gel base for firm grip on your dashboard. Although it doesn't come with wireless charging, it comes with a unique feature that shields your device for direct contact with the sun - something most mounts cannot boast of. Currently available in black colour. The upper and lower clamps are of soft textured rubbers so you shouldn't worry about your power and volume buttons malfunctioning.

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11. Baseus Metal Gravity CD Slot Car Phone Mount.

Baseus cd slot car phone mount

This Baseus CD mount is beautifully designed to be lightweight and easy to use with its one hand operation and multiple angle structure. This CD slot car mount features a 4.0" to 6.0" triangle clamp that grips your phones no matter how rough and bad the road may be. Made in a way so you can charge your phone with your charger while driving as there is no wireless charging setup.

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12. 2 in 1 Multifunctional Car Phone Holder

2 in 1 multifunctional car phone holder review wheeledparadise

This multifunctional car phone holder is similar to that of 9 above with its vent grip and suction base but with a slight change in design. The air vent setup is one of a kind as it grips the vent and at the same time supports itself up. The suction base can be mounted on the dashboard, windshield and on your desk. This easy to install mount can be used in your car, home or office since it can hold a wide range of phones.

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13. Sunisun Strong Spring Based Mount.

Sunisun strong spring based mount review wheeledparadise

This Sunisun slim, lightweight and compact car phone holder can be mounted on the sunshade or instrument panel as a heads-up-display. The viewing angle can be horizontally or vertically adjusted to a better viewing position. This mount's HUD setup is supersafe and comfortable for navigation as you don't have to divide your attention between the road and the map. The only downside here is that the mount has no wireless charging built into it.

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14. Joyroom JR-ZS255 Phone Mount.

Joyroom phone mount review wheeledparadise

Made with high quality silicon rubber, this air vent phone mount is easy on your device's edges. It is able to mount phones up to 4" - 6" with ease. With its ball joint you can bend it to whatever angle is convenient for you. It is lightweight, with a powerful grip and effectively resistant to high temperature to safeguard your phone from over heating.

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15. Mojia Q3.

Mojia Q3 car phone mounts review wheeledparadise

The Mojia Q3 is a one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced air vent mount on this list. It is made with PC, ABS and Vacuum plating, making it very lightweight but with powerful automatic triangle grips to keep you phone safe on all roads. With its fast advanced wireless charging system  your phone is charge very quickly while temperature is regulated by its temperature controls setup which safeguards the battery life of your device.

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16. Autsome HUD Mount for Phones.

Autsome HUD mount for phones review wheeledparadise

Available in gold, black and silver this unique and ornamental car phone mount is beauty and functionality in one. It is a HUD type mount that is non intrusive, easy to install and easy to use for navigation, communication etc. The silicon pads at the clamps firmly grips the phone without damaging it. But it's a pain that no wireless charging feature is available for this design.

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17. Mouse Shape Car Mount.

Mouse shaped car mounts for phone review wheeledparadise

This mouse shaped mount is special in its own way in that its suction base can be mounted on virtually any surface - smooth, rough or wooden. It is as small and lightweight as a mouse but has a strong gripping power when it's working time. Its is reliable but the only little error is the lack of three way clamps for additional stability. Which can be rectified using horizontal placement. 

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Car Mounts Buying Guide.

Due to the crucial role car mounts play in both our safety, ease in communicating and navigating while driving and durability of our phones, it is a most we consider the various car phone mounts designs and pick the one that best meets our requirements because, it will be an accessory we will be using on regular bases.

Important things to consider - summary.

  • Make sure mounts are not place high up to obstruct your vision.
  • Don't force incompatible devices on a car mount.
  • Heavy devices must not be mounted on car vents as grills can break and that can damage your car and phone.
  • You should try as much as possible to never mount your devices in places that can get extremely hot. High temperature cause damages to your phone and can melt the binding of the mount causing your phone to fall.

For driver or passenger use?

Car mounts are used for a variety of purpose. So, when you want to get one for yourself, what exactly or where are you putting it to use. Are you using it to assist yourself as the driver or is it for the passengers so they get to enjoy the ride while watching interesting movies or playing engaging games. With a good car mount the driver can comfortably use his phone while driving without straining the eyes and neck while the one for the passengers can actually increase positive user experience especially for cab drivers since a bored or tired passenger can just slot in their device to charge while they play their favorite movies or games.

Spring, magnetic, hooks or two in one?

Car mount can be made with spring or hook clamps or magnets for holding your phone in place. The functionality of these mounts are relative to the parameters of the device to be held. 

Some spring type mounts may not hold bigger size while other spring type can handle any size you throw at it. Magnetic mounts are versatile and easy to set up: with fixing the magnetic case on your phone and you are done. But, most magnetic mount max out at a certain weight. Except the car phone mounts is magnetic and hooks combined in one. 

For mounts with hooks we need to know what size and weight they can safely hold because, most car mounts with hooks are made for universal phone carriage and for passenger use.

Vent, dashboard, windshield, headrest or disk mount.

Will you be holding your phone mounts using your car vents, dash board, windshield, the CD slot... or the headrest ?. This is an important question we must answer. The headrest works with the hook car mount better for passenger phone mounting. Disk phone mounts are hook up in the CD slots of your audio system. Although not always the case, this might deprive you from enjoying your favorite blues or hip hops as you drive unless those songs are on your phone so use your will be using your aux cable anytime you drive.

Vent mounts can easily be fixed as they are easy to use. Cars have no shortage of vents hence, you have lots of options to pick from. But, I will suggest light weight phones as a heavy phone may break your vent grills and vent temperature might affect your phone in the long term.

For dashboard and windshield option, you have suction base or car adhesive. These are very versatile. For suction base mounts it is essential to note that  if sufficient suction is not generated your device may fall and be badly damaged. Also, the adhesive in adhesive types may not damage your car but will break down over time and may not last as long as others. It should be noted that a your phone mount shouldn't obstruct your view as the driver.

Size and type of device: cell phones, smart phones, tablets etc.

The size and type of the devices to be held will determine the type of the car mounts to buy. You can get a universal car mounts for both driver and passenger parts. You may want to buy a specific mount for your specific device it all depends on your wants.

However, I think it is beneficial to buy a phone mount you can use for a variety of devices which you can easily find if you search for it.

Wireless charging or not.

Car mounts with wireless charging are easy to find. Although, not all phone support wireless, you can buy a car mount which will not coverup your phone charging ports and will allow you to charge you devices effortlessly and easily. If your phone support wireless and your car mount has wireless charging built in it's a win win. If your phone don't support wireless charging, you should consider buying a normal car mount which should also be convenient for your use.

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